PB knock-off glass hurricanes

We were challenged by #ElmersGlueNGlitter to create designer holiday decor for less.  We browsed Pottery Barn, filled with gorgeous Christmas cheer, and spotted their double-tiered glass hurricanes we instantly knew we could replicate.  We love the result of our PB knock-off glass hurricanes.
Of course theirs were outrageously priced at $144…. ours: $29!  Check out our Google+ story here for the details 🙂
To get started we headed to our local Walmart to pick up supplies:

Sidenote: It was so convenient to have a one-stop-shop!

We used:

  • 4 glass pillar candle holders: 2 medium, 2 large
  • 2 candles: one short, one tall
  • CraftBond double-sided tape
  • CraftBond dual-tip flexible pen
  • X-ACTO precision scissors
  • Bag of firm cranberries 
  • From home we used: 2 pieces of card stock + 1 sheet of tissue paper.

To create the PB music sheet candles we semi-used a great tut from Can’t Stop Making Things but couldn’t get it to print with her instructions…. luckily, Elmers saved the day with CraftBond double-sided tape!  Yay!  We taped along the edges of the cardstock and pressed the tissue paper onto it and printed.  Easy.  From there we used our pretty pink X-ACTO precision scissors to cut the edges off {where the tape adhered to the cardstock} so we now had music sheet printed tissue paper 🙂

We squeezed a thin bead of glue using CraftBond dual-tip flexible pen along the edge of both candles, placed the tissue paper along it, wrapped the candle, trimmed the edges with our X-ACTO precision scissors and heated the paper onto the candle with a blow dryer:

 So pretty!  

Now to assemble the knock-off hurricanes:

Simpy fill 2 of them with pretty Christmas-y items, like pine cones from your tree or fresh, firm cranberries.  {We let our little ones help!} Stack the empty pillar onto the filled one, add your music candle, light and enjoy the ambiance of designer holiday decor for less!

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    1. I just bought my medium hurricanes at walmart. Looks beautiful especially when you add the pinecones or orniments

  1. Wow, so pretty. I love to see knock-off posts. It's amazing to see how much money you can save with some creativity. Thanks for stopping by. Can't wait to check your site out some more. I am your newest follower. AND I have identical twins…are you guys identical?


  2. saw this on Flamingo Toes and jumped over here quick to see the whole idea! Beautiful! I have the same question about the candles…ok to burn w/ the tissue paper on them?? love your stuff! Kate

  3. I love the whole thing! The candles wrapped in paper and the idea of having a new way to display stuff. Thanks so much!

  4. What a great idea, it looks so nice! I love the candles! So is it safe to light those with the paper glued to it?

  5. SO pretty! I really like your cranberry one a whole lot more than their smaller one. Your candles look exactly the same too. They look amazing. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Very pretty! Pottery Barn is my favorite to do knock off crafts-I saw these in their catalog too and there is no way I'd pay that much! I did some sparkle holly leaves in a ball jar in a similar style-decorating with nature is so fun 🙂

  7. Brilliant! I'm awed by your talents and inspired to create one for our home. Thanks for the clear step-by-step, too 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

  8. Brilliant! I love how clever crafters can get when faced with ridiculously high prices. Thanks for sharing this! I was wondering how I'd get my tissue paper through the printer. >__>

  9. Yep, that's what we did. The cardstock holds the tissue paper into place for printing reasons only. The tut we got the idea from has the download for the music we used (: Only we had to tape the whole way around unlike her tut. So easy!

  10. Oh my goodness, the is
    I love the candles… just to make sure I understand this right, you copied music notes onto tissue paper using your printer, and cardstock??? I love how you used your hair dryer to get it on, the result is just stunning!

    Thanks for showing off!


  11. I saw those in the PB catalog and knew there was an easy way to create a knock-off. And I love the music candle -that's going on my list for next year!

  12. Very Cute! Yours are way better than PB!!! I am pinning and tweeting!! (and stumbling! haha)

  13. It looks amazing! You can't even tell that yours didn't cost under $30! Save the money & knoc-koff!

  14. I love the impact for not too much work! Stacking the candle holders was a great idea!

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