Alphabet Photo Block Ornament Tutorial

Do you make a handmade ornament every year to hang on your Christmas tree?  If so, we’ve got a super duper easy DIY alphabet photo block ornament tutorial for you today!  
Our older sis, Sandee, actually made these for me 2 years ago when she had me as a Secret Santa.  I love them.  My 2 year old (preggo at the time) keeps asking “Where’s mine?” so I need to make her one which will be easy to do…just gotta find a matching alphabet block? (Anyone out there have an extra “D” hanging around??)  

Note: You can make this with blank scrap wood and write the initial by hand, use vinyl lettering, etc. if you don’t have the same set of alphabet blocks on hand.  You can also adhere matching scrapbook paper on each side, just paint each side, use fabric on each side, etc.  So many possibilities.  

Supplies needed:

  • 1″ x 1″ wood blocks
  • scrapbook paper
  • eye hooks
  • ribbon
  • 3/4″ x 3/4″ photos
  • ModPodge/spray adhere scrapbook paper onto block.
  • ModPodge/spray adhere photo onto scrapbook paper.
  • Center + Screw eye hook into top of the block.
  • Hang on tree.
How easy is that?  My kids were so excited to see their little faces and own initial on each block (minus the 2 year old, sad!) and they were happy to hang it themselves.  So cute.


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  1. Those are adorable! I have some blocks I need to do something with. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Ha- I just posted a block ornament idea too!
    I love the idea of matching the alphabet block to your child.

    We were going to do photo blocks for the kids in Primary, but then laziness won out… paint and scrapbook paper it is!

  3. That is SUCH a cute idea!! I'm pretty sure we have some blocks around here somewhere… 🙂

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