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I’m more than halfway done with my adult braces treatment (wahoo!!) and am loving the results already! I’ve been trying to document the process so I can refer back when my next kiddo gets them in a couple years. Although the Damon System requires half the visits of standard braces, your mouth ends up a little sore after the adjustment so I thought a Braces Survival Kit would be fun to share! It’s great for new braces users plus you’ll keep refilling the items I selected throughout your treatment. Tell me in the comments below if I missed one in this 15 must-haves for braces!

15 must-haves for braces!! Check out our essentials for new braces users! We have adult braces and love this collection of must-have items for braces, it's the best braces survival guide out there!


15 must-haves for braces

Travel Size Toothbrush & Toothpaste: These mini toothbrush/paste combo super convenient to carry in your car or purse and is great for using after lunch or when you’re out to eat.

Easy Slim Brush: An alternative to the travel sizes mentioned above. If you can’t carry around a travel size toothbrush/toothpaste, these small brushes are perfect to do a quick after-snack cleanup.

Colgate Wisp: I have yet to use these personally but I have a friend who suggested it to me. They’re disposable, enough radness said.

Orthodontic Wax: Ahh! Lifesaver! I was advised to skip the wax and let your cheeks get used to the braces. They’ll quickly develop inner callouses but sometimes, wax gets an annoying cut to heal overnight because it stops the continuous pressure. You’ll definitely want to keep the wax close. (I prefer the unflavored wax.)

Compact Mirror: This is great for checking to see if food is caught in your braces after eating.

Pocket Tissues: Have you ever drooled? Embarassing, I know. These are small and absorb well.

WaterPik: My favorite tool for surviving braces! Flossing is such a pain with braces. There really is no easy way around it. This guy is my go-to for getting plaque out of your teeth. Keep it at 7 or lower so you don’t damage your gums. I use this flosser as my main source of flossing but do the tedious route every couple of days.

Floss Threader: This is super helpful for standard flossing. It’s a nifty little threader that will easily thread your floss between the wire and your teeth.

Ortho Flossers: These are great because they’re designed for braces. You can get behind the bar and in between the teeth. They make flossing with braces so much easier! Again, you should floss daily to prevent staining after your braces are off so standard flossing is recommended but these little cheats make it easier.

Tongue Scraper: This sounds gross but tongue scraping removes the coating to get rid of bad breath and it helps eliminate undigested food particles from the tongue. It also cleans the taste buds to enhance the sense of taste, an added perk!

Mouthwash To Go: More help with bad breath coverage, mouthwash is quick and easy and leaves your mouth minty fresh!

Sports Mouthguard: You can use these to sleep in if your braces get caught in your cheeks easy or if you’re a side sleeper like me. My two sons both have braces are in competitive lacrosse so these are a must for playing sports with braces. They are wide enough to cover your braces easily.

Lip Balm: Your lips may get irritated after adjustments, nothing a little lip balm can’t handle. Our go-to is Senegence Lip Balm. Whatever balm you use, find one with shea butter instead of a wax base which prevents hydrating your lips.

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15 must-haves for braces – Tips

Tips for mouth pain:

  • Rinse with salt water to numb your mouth.
  • You can also rinse with melaleuca or tea tree oil, just dilute a few drops with water.
  • Pop a couple pain relievers before your appointment or as needed.

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  1. Thank you so much for the tips. I really needed this because I am getting them on next week. I can not wait for my teeth to look nice and straight.

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