Things I wish I knew before getting adult braces!

You’re not alone. We polled our Instagram readers and had dozens of comments from fellow brace faces! Dr. Frost, (who is doing my treatment here in Mesa/Gilbert, Arizona) said that 70 percent of his patients are adults. Whaaa? You’re definitely not the only person who didn’t wear your retainer in high school. D’oh!

Things I wish I knew before getting adult braces!See? Hardly noticeable!

You’re going to have a lisp. And if you have a twin, she’ll love to tease you about it! 😉 Speak slowly and intentionally and it’ll pass after a month or two.

Use your wax. I would wake up with huge indents in my bottom lip because I’m a stomach sleeper. OUCH! If I would have used my wax the night before, I could have avoided it. Likewise, on my molar brackets..nothing like mid-sentence getting a wire to the cheek!

If they’re not metal, they’re not easy to spot. I have clear on top and metal on bottom. At first I was like a teenager again: super self-consious and saying, “I feel like a 12 year old again!” when I would see someone for the first time after getting them. Several people replied, “I didn’t even see them!” and I actually believed them! Another option to clear braces are Invisalign. They’re small, clear attachments on your teeth that the aligners hold on to. They’re less obvious than clear braces but both are great options if you don’t want full metal.

Things I wish I knew before getting adult braces. Read this if you're considering adult braces!Don’t try to hide those braces, let ’em shine!

You’re now a walking advertisement for braces so you’ll be asked a million questions. My mom is now considering braces after seeing mine, for instance. One perk I love to throw in is how long I can go between changes (every other month, yay Damon System!) which is very different from taking my 13-year-old every 3-4 weeks a few years ago.

Bring your toothbrush out to eat with you. It’s either that or sucking the food out of your braces with your tongue in front of everyone. My sweet 8 year old isn’t shy about reminding me when I’m doing it. (((Insert big eyes emoji here.)))

Take good care of your teeth! You don’t want white spots afterward. Daily brushing is extra important. Don’t whiten while you have your braces on either, you’ll create uneven coloration.

Invest in a water pick. Luckily, Dr. Frost gifts new patients one (so grateful!) and I love it for flossing. I’ve never been good at flossing so this has been a dream. I use it after every meal and snack because it’s fast and does a great job. I still get out my regular floss a couple times a week but it takes me 20 minutes to floss so my water pick is my best friend.

11 things I wish I knew before getting adult braces! Things to take into consideration before getting adult braces. Final answer? GO FOR IT! :D

Okay, she’s my real best friend but the water pick is #2!

You’ll probably wear them longer than you were told. (Unless you got the Accelerated Treatment.) Your perfect smile will be worth it, especially if it’s a #frostsmile!  Just assume it will take a little longer (much like being pregnant) but be happy if doesn’t.

Bad news: You’ll likely still have to wear a retainer. Good news: There are more options than the 90’s offered. (I had a glitter Dallas Cowboys one in high school, ha!). You can also talk to your doctor about getting a permanent retainer attached to the back of your teeth, which I already told Dr. Frost is my preference. Again, a little bit of a learning curve for those retainers but better for forgetful people like me. Hello, adult braces! 

11 things I wish I knew before getting adult braces!! Are they worth it? YES!

Go give Dr. Frost a visit and tell him Lolly Jane sent ya! xo

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    1. Yay! So happy to hear that, you’ll LOVE your Frost smile. Their office is so genuine and makes adult braces actually enjoyable with their positive energy! 🙂

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