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How To Organize A Pantry

Learn how to organize A Small pantry and make it feel twice as big with these Easy ideas and Helpful Items. Whether your kitchen pantry is large or small, here are 6 tips to help you organize a Pinterest-worthy pantry for your kitchen.

Learn How To Organize A Small Pantry And Make It Feel Twice As Big With These Ideas And Tricks. Whether Your Kitchen Pantry Is Large Or Small, Here Are 6 Tips To Help You Organize A Pinterest-Worthy Pantry For Your Kitchen. #howtoorganizepantry #howtoorganizesmallpantry #smallpantry #pantry #pantryorganization #howto #tipsandtrick

Have you ever had something on your to-do list for so long that you get used it being there and forget it’s a to-do item? 😉 Yep, that was me with my newly wallpapered pantry. The kids have been in school for nearly a month and now that AZ is FINALLY under 100*, I am ready to tackle my summer clutter and get ready for the holidays! With so much baking coming up, I wanted to get this space as organized as possible and here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way that may help you, too!

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How to Organize Your Pantry

Tip #1: Start with a clean slate. It only took me about half hour but I took every single item from my pantry and sorted it into piles on my counter tops. I threw away expired food and tidied up what was left.

Awesome containers for cereal or snacks love these canvas totes too!

Storage Baskets are a Must When Organizing A Pantry

Tip #2: Storage, storage, storage! I made a Walmart run and gathered best baskets known to man, these wire baskets with chalkboard tags. I also picked up some new cereal and snack containers as my old ones were rounded and made it hard to fit. These Flip-Tite containers also have a more secure seal and food stays fresher longer.

Stainless steel can great to just wipe down spills from little hands!

Yep, you can see I also replaced my old plastic trash bins for a sturdy oval step can that has an auto shut lid… a must as this cute squirt is in that throw-everything-away phase, (our poor TV remote is still MIA and I’m pretty sure it went out with the recycles a few months ago!)

Click to see the "after" of this space, it's so cute and super organized!

Group Like-Items When Organizing 

Tip #3: Put items back in groups according to use. Once the walls + shelves were washed down, I started putting items back intentionally, instead of shoving things in places. For example, I put extra bowls next to the cereal since my kids are big cereal eaters. The butter dish is now next to the bread box instead of inside a cupboard and I avoid a trip across the kitchen, score! 

Awesome tips to keep your pantry clean & organized!

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to make organization cute! I had an old “naked” crate lying around (from the craft section at Walmart,) and added a quick whitewash to it so it now matches the other items in this space!

Cute and cheery pantry! Great tips to organize your pantry and keep it organized!

Tip #5: Buy in bulk. I snagged these large glass jars from Walmart’s home decor section and they’re awesome for holding the 2 main baking ingredients I’ll be using this fall: sugar and flour. I added a quick black tag on the front to label it and now I can simple pull it down and scoop out what I need instead of having 2 more loose bags taking up space and/or spilling everywhere. 

Love this pantry and the mixing of the old and new!

Regularly Rotate Pantry Items

Tip #6: Last tip is to rotate and clean out every week. I try to go through my pantry items each shopping trip and pull the older items to the front and place the newer items towards the back. I am blessed with 24 cabinets in my kitchen and my bulky cans and cooking ingredients are in other cabinets but I still rotate those as well. Taking a 10-minute inventory each week helps minimize the clutter and I got off track this summer so it feels great to start fresh before the hectic holidays!

Shop this affordable look!

Use everyday containers to organize your pantry, this one is so cute!

I would love to hear what tips work well for your own pantry organization! Please pin so your friend’s can get their pantries organized too!

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  1. I love the organization of the pantry but for me that would not be practical. With 6 in the house and a regular sized cabinet pantry, I could never pull off wasting any of my space. I have loads of cabinets as well but every single one holds something that is needed. I have gutted them several times to try to get rid of what we don’t use but we use almost every bit of it regularly. My only option at this point is to wait for the day I can remodel and get it the way I need it. Love the wallpaper in yours and I’m glad it works for you!

  2. One of the best and quickest ways to organize your pantry and make it look neat and tidy is to transfer food items into matching jars. This is one of the easiest home organization projects made even prettier by using paint pens to label the glass jars.

  3. Love this pantry organization post! It’s a great reminder that function and style can co-coexist. Those wire baskets are my favourite part. Looks great. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Great tips for organizing the pantry and so cute! I love opening a clean, organized, and cute pantry! Thanks for sharing.

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