Here’s the final picture of how my custom/DIY white board project turned out. [See the full tut here!]  I’m loving my Painted Mason Jar storage!

I simply vinyl’d some categories [black lettering is the vinyl] so we could put this baby into use asap.  We love how functional it is, yay for being organized finally!  

Movin on, these jar ideas aren’t our originals BUT they are adorable and I’ve been waiting to put them into play in my own house instead of just seeing ’em on my Pinterest board 😉  Read on for 3 tutorials I used to accessorize my new white board/command station…

Using leftover paint from this project, I poured it in the first mason jar, put the lid on then swirled it around making sure no white was peeking through. Reusing the same paint, I did the same to jar two.  I remembered someone baking theirs so no chipping would occur and since mine is storage for hard markers, I thought it’d be a great extra step.  

I put the jars in the oven cold, turned it onto 350 then baked them for 30 mins, making sure the paint set.  I kinda guessed on the temps, it worked like a charm!

I re-used the board that the Ikea hooks came on and nope, didn’t bother painting it or filling the pre-drilled holes.  After the jars cooled, I drilled 2 holes in the wood so I could thread wire through to secure the jars to the wood. 

 Viola: instant marker/eraser storage.  Then I added a small tag using my Letterpress so my older kids will know what’s inside.  Clever huh?  

Now little miss 2 year old can’t reach them, or even see what’s inside for that matter…no temptation 😉  

Mission completed.

Oh yeah, I thought the completed command station still looked a little blah still so I added a cork board.  {Kristi thought it gave great dimension too!}  

Dollar Store Cork Board Frame
 I simply painted it white, re-used a piece of cork board leftover from the previous owner [who had it hanging in the pantry], cut it to size with a knife and covered it with burlap.  
Great place for all the weekly invites to hang out.

I think I may eventually put our family motto/family rules in vinyl or a giant clothespin for weekly paperwork in the empty spot under the new cork board.  For now it’ll be the kid’s fave drawing space 😉

[Original “after” picture; taken before vinyl lettering labels were added]

Cost for each project: free.  Can’t beat that!


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