How to Make Butterfly Snack Bags

How to make butterfly snack bags. Such a fun snack idea for kids with easy supplies like clothespins, snack bags, googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

These butterfly snack bags make lunches or snack time fun in just a few easy steps!

butterfly snack bags

These are easy to make but can also be motivating too: If you have a kiddo that loves to snack, this is a subtle way to portion their food. If you have a picky eater, this is a clever way to give them a goal to see if they can eat all the wings ☺

How to make fun kids snacks in a few steps! Love this easy to make butterfly snack bags. #kidssnacks #healthykidssnacks #kidssnackideas #lunchideasforkids #howtomakebutterflysnackbags

supplies to make butterfly snack bags

You’ll need a few supplies to make these fun snack bags.

How to make butterfly snack bags using bags, clothespins, pipecleaners and googly eyes. #kidssnacks #healthykidssnacks #kidssnackideas #lunchideasforkids #howtomakebutterflysnackbags

You can use plastic snack bags or reusable, either one will work.

how to make butterfly snack bags

It’s a pretty easy project that makes a big statement once in the lunchbox and your kids will love filling up the baggie with 2 types of snacks, one snack per side of the “wings.”

Check out these easy supplies to make butterfly snack bags using a few items from your pantry and craft stash. Fun ways to make kids snack time fun! #kidssnacks #healthykidssnacks #kidssnackideas #lunchideasforkids #howtomakebutterflysnackbags

Check out more kid snack ideas:

Cut the scrapbook paper around the clothespin. You could also paint them if this is too advanced for toddlers.

Cut the pipe cleaners to 3″ then curl the ends to look like antennas.

Glue dot or hot glue the paper onto the clothespins and then glue the antennas onto the mouth of the clothespin.


Make butterfly faces on clothespins to divide snack baggies to create the cutest butterfly snack bags! Make snacking for the kids fun! #kidssnacks #healthykidssnacks #kidssnackideas #lunchideasforkids #howtomakebutterflysnackbags

I think the googly eyes make this project!

Glue them on as well then let your kids simply fill the baggies then twist and pin!

You’ll see we filled one side of our butterflies with something salty like cheese square or multi grain crackers and something sweet like fruit snacks.

Make kids snack time fun! Create these cute butterfly snack bags to fill with healthy snacks to motivate your kids to eat! #kidssnacks #healthykidssnacks #kidssnackideas #lunchideasforkids #howtomakebutterflysnackbags

We have a pin board FULL of easy school lunch box ideas too! We’d love for you to PIN THIS so your friends can make them, too!

Such an easy way to make kids butterfly snack bags! Easy to make, fun to eat! #kidssnacks #healthykidssnacks #kidssnackideas #lunchideasforkids #howtomakebutterflysnackbags

We would love to hear what tips or trick work for your family to help keep snacking fun!

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