Americana Decor chalky paint, furniture makeover.

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve been waiting patiently for this chalky paint review.  We shared a sneak peek of DecoArt’s Americana Chalky Paint and our followers were SO excited!  No more homemade chalk paint, no more spending a ridiculous amount of money on matte paints, no more color mixing.  Now you can buy a jar of chalky paint in a huge variety of colors to cover furniture, metal, terra cotta, even glass with no priming or sanding.  I know!!  {{{squeal}}}  Again, if you follow us on Insta (we put everything on there and eagerly take your ideas into consideration) you know I’ve been debating about the color scheme for my craft room chairs for months.  I painted the mint farmhouse table months ago and have been pondering if I should paint the chairs the same color or four different tones.  So happy with the outcome of my colorful chairs and hope this American chalky paint tutorial makes your painting easier for you!

How to use Americana Chalky Paint finish on furniture. Huge variety of colors!

Americana Decor chalky paint comes in a huge variety of colors.  I chose these colors because they compliment my studio so well.

American Decor chalky paint review. Lots of different finishes you can make with this! Link to www.lollyjane.com for cute decor ideas!

Here’s one chair after 1 coat of chalky paint.  It gives it a full coverage with just a little bit of the underneath color poking out.  I used 2 coats for each chair.  (Note: the mint shown above isn’t the same colors as my table, I used a homemade recipe for that color.)

American Decor chalky paint review. Lots of different finishes you can make with this! Link to www.lollyjane.com for cute decor ideas!

After you let it dry an hour in between coats and it’s fully covered, it’s time to wax!  So to refinish furniture with this new chalky paint, all you need is paint, creme, foam brush and a round brush.  Like I said earlier, the design of this chalky paint is to cover surfaces without priming or sanding.  So start off with a coat of paint.  I used a foam brush since it doesn’t leave brush marks.  (I do recommend using one longer than 1″ lol, it’s all I had on hand and didn’t mind the time since I was watching Parenthood on Netflix (; )

American Decor chalky paint creme wax review. Lots of different finishes you can make with this! Link to www.lollyjane.com for cute decor ideas!

The neat thing about these creme waxes is that you can achieve several different looks depending on your style.  I’m going for the aged flea market look in this tutorial but you can get a modern or clean look if that’s your style.  Look at this picture below, you’ll notice the difference of applying one coat of the creme wax on the left.  The wax enhances the color and provides a silky smooth finish.  It also acts as a sealer to the furniture to prevent scratches.  If you like the matte finish, stop here.  If you want it to shine, buff it out with a clean cloth when it’s dry.

American Decor Creme Wax tutorial via www.lollyjane.com

Since I prefer distressing furniture but can’t do so on these chairs because they’re white underneath, I proceeded to add the dark wax as an aging agent.

American Decor Creme Wax tutorial via www.lollyjane.com

American Decor Creme Wax tutorial via www.lollyjane.com

Buffing: This is simply rubbing the wax into the wood to help seal it better and really make it shine.   You don’t have to buff afterward, you can just let it dry and keep the matte finish.  The wax is super versatile, I loved working with it!

American Decor Creme Wax tutorial via www.lollyjane.com

Here are all four chairs gussied up with wax.

How to use Americana Chalky Paint finish on furniture. Huge variety of colors!

Here they are loving their new home in my craft room!  I love them! They are custom to my studio and I couldn’t be happier with what a day worth of work can do!

Gorgeous craft room! Link to chalky painted chair redo on www.lollyjane.com

I matched them to my floral curtains since those curtains were calling my name (;

Gorgeous craft room! Link to chalky painted chair redo on www.lollyjane.com

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  1. Hi! I am currently refinishing a dresser with the Americana Decor chalky finish. I put 2 coats on and allowed it to dry for 48 hours. Tried starting the creme wax application and the dark wax as well. As I was wiping the wax my paint started to chip! My nail can scratch it off! I tested on other areas that don’t have any wax on it and it seems to be dry and hard and cannot chip off. Help! Not sure what to do! I’m afraid to continue!

    1. Hi Kimberly! That sounds like a mess, so sorry for the hassle. I haven’t had that happen, especially since the dry time was accurate. I would repaint over the chips and let dry for now, (you may need to LIGHTLY sand down the chipped area so the paint has a flat surface again,) and start with the creme wax and let dry, then add the dark wax and proceed as normal from there. DecoArt has AMAZING customer service (we’ve been there personally!) and can help you further, if needed. Good luck!! πŸ™‚

      Monday – Friday
      8:30am – 4:30pm EST

  2. Lovely! But I’m a little unclear on the steps after paint. Did you do the dark wax after clear or instead of or what?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Laura, we did a coat of clear and then a coat of dark. That way, the dark is more pliable and doesn’t stain your paint. The clear coat between gives you some more time when decided since it acts as a buffer. πŸ™‚

    2. We did the clear first, then a little bit of the dark. Applying the wax first will let you play with the dark wax more so it doesn’t dry before you achieve the look you like.

  3. Hi! I love the floral curtains in the back ground. Where did you get them or what fabric did you use? Thanks!

  4. For a bathroom vanity, how many coats of wax do you recommend? I did one and was ready to buff but wasn’t sure one would hold up in a shower/bathroom.

  5. I’m wondering how many coats of wax are required? I love these chairs and I’m testing the products and my technique on the legs of an old coffee table first. I applied the wax, let it dry about 25 minutes (it was dry to the touch) but I don’t feel like I can create a satin/glossy finish? Did I not apply enough wax? not wait long enough before buffing? thanks for the great ideas!

    1. Surfaces with lots of wear + tear need 2 to 3 coats of wax. Allow wax to dry (about an hour) between additional coats. Easy enough (:

  6. Hi,I am getting paint cracked….it is happening even after few coats but fewer places. Is it suppose to be? I am not sure why it’s happening? Please, let me know.

  7. I am in the process of doing my kitchen cabinets one section at a time. I applied Annie Sloan chalk paint. After a week of drying I applied clear paste wax – Annie Sloan and let this dry for a week. I just applied the Americana Cream Dark Wax two days ago and it looks great. It feels dry, not sticky and etc. The problem I have is that I went to wipe off dust off of the cabinet with a damp cloth and the dark wax came right off. Is this common? It is doing this on everything that I have done so far. Is there a way I can make sure this sticks to the cabinets or how can I fix the problem? Please… any advise would help!!!
    Thank You

    1. Linda that’s so odd, so sorry! We didn’t have that problem but I would try adding another coat? If that doesn’t work, we can shoot you an email of someone who can help further!

    1. Hi Jennifer, oh no! That sounds like the coat was too think, maybe. DecoArt has amazing customer service, I would be sure to give them a quick call for tips. (:


      Thanks girl! Happy painting!

  8. Can these paints be used on furniture from Target and Ikea? Not sure if it’s vinyl or what, but do you know what I’m trying to ask here? πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Jessica! Yes ma’am, they cover on most surfaces. Just be sure to seal it well (wax) and it will last. Refer to DecoArt’s customer service for specific questions! XO

  9. How do you get a even finish with this wax? Mine comes out streaky or blotchy. How can I fix it without having to paint it over again. Need help what’re the secret…very frustrated bc I love the look of paint but hate running my projects with the wax. Had same problem with their varnish to. Please help

    1. Hi Mallorie,
      So sorry for a tardy reply and also for your frustration with this product. We haven’t had that happen to us but we visited DecoArt’s headquarters a few months ago and saw firsthand that they have live guest services to help with customer concerns or product frustration such as yours. Here’s their site FAQ’s and direct contact:

      Thanks! XOXO

  10. They look great! Question: I want the distressed/dark look so I want to apply the dark wax, however, I am painting a metal container that I will be placing outside. Can I apply their varnish over the chalky finish if I use the dark wax? Their website seems to indicate using one or the other but says nothing about varnishing over the wax.

    1. Hi Lynn! It wouldn’t hurt to do so! Go for it! The only thing is in the future you can’t re-wax it since the varnish will create a seal. Basically, wax and varnish are two sealing techniques. One or the other would suffice but doing both would double seal it. Hope that makes sense! (:

  11. What are the color names of the paints you used on the chair. I saw the picture you posted, but am having a hard time figuring out which exact color those are. Thanks!

  12. I would like to hear all the feedback on the new Americana DΓ©cor Chalk Paint. Is it just as good or better than Anne Sloan Chalk Paint? What about the brushes in this line? I heard somewhere online they were not so good??

    1. Hi Barbara! Good questions. We haven’t used Annie Sloan as much as we have Americana’s chalky paint but we love that, as with AS, the chalky paint covers in 2 light coats or if you’re pressed for time, 1 thicker coat. We do prefer Americana b/c they have a wide selection of fun colors available, unlike AS. The waxes are all great, too. We have used Americana’s brushes and haven’t had a problem, to be honest. They do their job! πŸ™‚ Hope this helps! Happy painting!

  13. great tutorial, just bought my first can of Americana Decor Chalky Paint. Hope my project turns out as good as yours.
    P.S. I ADORE the rug in your craft room. Where did you find that gem?

  14. I have also bought this chalky paint!! LOVE it!! Except I did have a huge problem with my order. I ordered 1 metal quart (?) Can and 2 plastic (8 oz?) Cans. Both plastic containers came with the seals broken and dried into a ball of sludge. The metal can was perfect. Home depot reordered and gave me credit for original purchase right away. I don’t know how this could happen unless its a packaging problem but I did reorder and that should come today. They are just starting to carry a few in my store, like 3 of one color. I mean a few πŸ™‚ so excited for my delivery today!!! Love your chairs and I plan on getting every color they sell!!

  15. I have those same chairs in my kitchen, and have been looking for a way to update them – they look a little “90s.” Will that 8oz jar of chalk paint do a whole chair? I have 6 chairs and a table with a leaf, and am wondering how much to order.

  16. Looking forward to using this product. I want to paint my wood cabinet to make it look more like light cncreate or cast porcelain .
    Perhaps when finished applying this product, Iwould use a feather as a paint brush to apply the paint, hoping to make it look like marble
    Any suggestions from you to on paint color that would make my project less stressful and achieve the finish I desire.

    Thanks in advance,


  17. Kel, does the paint go very far? How much did you need for each chair? I want to paint a dresser and I need to know how much I’ll end up using.

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