We just got our annual family pictures taken for our Christmas card this week.  I wish I was bold enough to use the one below, but we’ll probably end up using a safer pose where we’re all happy and boring (; 

But it got me thinking and it was fun to put together a list of 25 Cute Family Christmas Picture Ideas so here you go!

25 +cute family Christmas picture ideas | Lots of inspiration via lollyjane.com


Dear Santa, We Can Explain |Summertime Designs

Christmas Story Relica |Liz Labianca


Gamer Family |Reformissionary

Cutting Down the Tree |Scott Clevenger Photography

Armed Family |Coues Whitetail

Hanging On |Focus Jennie!

JOY |The BMC Report

Triumphant Toddler |Say Yippie

Family Ornament |Photos by Lei

Family Candy Cane |We Are Heavy Duty

Christmas Card 2007 - The Human Candy Cane

Pic in Pic |Threaded Together



Baby Baker |Laura Odom

Christmas Lights |JoopJoop

Kids Picture |Anthromollogies

The idea for this shot sprung from this shot I found here. I was feeding Mr.Banks a bottle in the wee hours and the idea came to me to use one of my old frames to create a similar shot. I LOVED how this one turned out.

Silent Night |Thrifty Fun

Family Picture |Amelia Lon Photography


Elf Baby |melondipity

Candy Cane Baby Elf Baby Hat


Couple Picture |Taza + Husband

Merry & Bright |House of Ernest

Safe Christmas |Randy Metcalf

 Christmas Lights Lasso |Kittles

Banner |A Bryan Photo


Candy Cane Kiss |Meadowbrook Farm

Big thanks to my friend and neighbor, Jennette Jenkins Photography who took the pics!  She also took all those cute YWIE pics too!  Need MORE cute family Christmas picture ideas??  We’ve got you covered!

25 More Cute Family Christmas Picture Ideas

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Cute yarn candy cane tutorial via lollyjane.com

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