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Give it to me, did you love Monsters University as much as I did? I seriously love kid movies and Pixar hits a home run each time with their flicks. My hubby and I  are always excited to take the kids out for a family date (with popcorn & drinks of course!) to see the newest. MU didn’t disappoint! Read on why I love that movie so much and how to make these adorable monster cookies I modeled after the movie (:

Easy monster cookies! So cute & playful for Halloween!

One thing I love about Monsters University is their bottom line: Mike never gave up on his dream of being a scarer. As we know in Monsters Inc., he never became the actual scarer but he still is an important part of a scare team, and that is completely satisfying to him. He reminds me of my mom; she never gave up on her dream of having a family and being a successful R.N. She was raised during the Vietnam War and lost her brother at the young age of 19. She was 17 and found out he was killed on her birthday. He was her only sibling so after he was killed, she made a decision to have a big family so she could surround herself with those she loved.

She graduated and hit her education hard.  She was well into her nursing career when she finally met my dad, but she was in her late 20’s and worried about having so many kids as she was getting a little bit older. She and my dad were thrilled to have a honeymoon baby, our oldest brother.  But as she wanted more, her biggest fear came to a head: she wasn’t able to get pregnant. She went through a series of tests and started infertility treatments. Sooner than she expected, she found out she was again pregnant and was thrilled. Within 13 years from the time her first baby was born, she had 9 babies. Yes you read that correctly, nine children…. but 8 pregnancies as Kristi and I are numbers 6 and 7 and are identical twins.  And honestly, we LOVE having a huge family.

Fast forward 40 years since our eldest sibling was born, we now have 35 grandkids and growing.  Family reunions are a blast.  My four children love having so many playmates close at hand.  When there is a trial, there is always a sibling, cousin, aunt or uncle close by to lend a hand.  My mom is the best example to me of service as well.  Because parenting and service go hand in hand. She received her nursing degree before she was married and missed the job.  She was our substitute nurse during our elementary years which was nice to see her during the day.  And now that we’re grown, she’s returned to a part time job at a small clinic where she is able to be herself again with no little kids tugging on her apron strings.  But she knows when she comes home at the end of the day, she has lots of family members waiting for her.  And she couldn’t be happier.

Payne Family

This whole crazy crew is headed to a family reunion this week in honor of fall break.  We are beyond excited to get together since it only happens every other year.  You know we’ll be watching fun movies throughout the week so I thought I’d experiment ahead of time and make a Mike Wasowski monster cookie.

Are you a fan of Monsters Inc? Here


Mike was so cute as a little guy, it was fun to see his enthusiasm as a kiddo in this movie.  I love how cute these monster cookies are and since it’s a simple recipe, I’m going to let the pictures do the talkin’!Easy monster cookies! So cute & playful for Halloween!Did the monsters explain it well enough?? (; I used a cookie mix cuz I’m a cheater like that. And store bought frosting since it was a buck and I didn’t want to spend additional time messing up even more bowls.  The eyeballs are in the wedding aisle at Michael’s, with all their Wilton products.  Just mix up random frosting colors for additional monsters, spread it on your cooled cookies, add a giant eyeball and say hello to some new edible friends.
 Easy rainbow monster cookies! So cute & playful for Halloween!

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