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Kids Treat: Monster Pretzel Rods

These easy dipped monster pretzels rods are a fun kids treat idea. Colorful, fun, kid-friendly and perfect for any party!

My oldest daughter doesn’t have school on Fridays and wanted to make some treats for her friends on a weekend church retreat they’re heading to.  We went to our local craft store and browsed the isles for inspiration.  She wanted something easy and playful so we came home with eyeballs and a lips, teeth, mustache combo.

monster pretzel rods

Looking for a fun treat to make with the kids? These monster pretzel rods are fun to make and use just a few ingredients. #monsterpretzelrods #funnyfacetreat #kidstreat #kidtreats #monstertreat

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We ran to the grocery store and grabbed some pretzel rods and melting chocolate and within 30 minutes, we had some fun little white chocolate covered monster pretzel rods.

Making these chocolate dipped monster pretzel rods are so easy! Kids will love this easy treat idea! #chocolatedippedpretzels #monsterpretzelrods #pretzelchocolaterods #diychocolatedippedpretzels

ingredients to make chocolate dipped monster pretzel rods

Check out these easy monster pretzel rods that you kids will have fun making! #kidstreat #kidstreatideas #easytomakekidstreats #chocolatedippedpretzels

how to make monster pretzels

  • Melt chocolate according to directions on packaging.
  • Set up 4 plates for 4 diff colors of chocolate, add 2 drop of food coloring.
  • Dip pretzels in diff colors until desired thickness.
  • Lay on wax paper.
  • Add faces while still soft.
  • Let dry for 20 mins until chocolate fully hardens.
  • Bag and tie ribbon around*
  • *ribbon details below

So fun to make these candy monster pretzel rods! Looking for a fun treat to craft with your kids? Make these funny face treats! #monsterpretzelrods #funnyfacetreat #kidstreat #kidtreats #monstertreat

please pin our monster rods

We’d love for you to pin this image so your friend’s can make these fun pretzels too!

Easy to make chocolate dipped monster pretzel rods recipe, so fun! Your kids will love to help make this fun treat! #chocolatedippedpretzels #monsterpretzelrods #pretzelchocolaterods #diychocolatedippedpretzels

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