Easy Clay Deer Head Ornament

Okay we’re taking the deer head obsession to a new level…clay deer head ornaments!  We had to!! When DecoArt challenged it’s creative team to a homemade ornament giveaway (that’s right, you read giveaway, wahoo!) we knew we had to bring it!  We’ve already made several ornaments this year and wanted to do something different. Read on to make your own little “dears” (love me a good pun) and to win win win!

How to make clay deer head ornaments tutorial via lollyjane.com

I actually made two different colored deer heads just for fun since I had so much clay.  They were on sale for $1/each and I ended up using 2 of the rectangles that come in a pack so you can make 4 deer heads for $0.25/each…score!  Here’s the second style I created, it has more of a translucent look to it using DA’s Dazzling Metallic.

How to make clay deer head ornaments tutorial via lollyjane.comSupplies Needed:

  • Polymer Clay, 2 oz.
  • DecoArt Metallic paint “Splendid Gold”
  • Americana paint “Antique Gold”
  • Americana Decoupage
  • note: small sealer bottle was shown, didn’t use afterall
  • foam brush (two)
  • straw
  • X-Acto knife
  • deer stencil, printed
  • hot glue stick
  • gold glitter
  • white bakers twine


  • Roll out clay until desired thickness using the hot glue stick, it’s like a mini roller (;
  • Print deer head stencil at 5″ tall on your regular printer.
  • Cut out deer head and place on top of clay.
  • Cut our deer silhouette using an X-Acto knife.
  • Using end of straw, poke hole through center of the clay to later hang.
  • Bake at 225 degrees for 20 minutes until firm.
  • Cool.

How to make clay deer head ornaments tutorial via lollyjane.com

  • Paint one deer metallic gold and let dry.
  • Paint second deer antique gold and let dry.
  • For glitter, coat antlers with decoupage and sprinkle with glitter.
  • Let dry. *Optional: Seal metallic deer with decoupage and the base of the gold antique deer.

How to make clay deer head ornaments tutorial via lollyjane.com

Check out the tute for Kristi’s glittered acorns here that pair so well with these deer! (; Also, take a peek at Angie’s cute deer head ornaments, too! #greatmindsthinkalike

How to make clay deer head ornaments tutorial via lollyjane.com

Okay one last deer pic…isn’t this a cutie?? Nabbed it for less than $10, couldn’t resist!

Mix a glitter white deer into your Christmas decor at lollyjane.com

Visit all of our DecoArt posts, plus more deer decor like our glitter antler deer head art where we pulled inspiration for the above ornaments.

Glitter reindeer head art #diy #deerhead

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Good luck!!  psssst: We also have a $450+ Cooking giveaway going on right now (;



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  1. Love the deer heads!! I found several years ago an deer standing dressed in camo gear ornament. He also painted a deer head several years ago. Love the ornament!!

    1. That is so cool- camo! My brother in law (the hunter) would have loved that, I’m sure! 😀

  2. Seriously? Could y’all get any more creative? I think each time you come up with a new idea, your creativity grows exponentially.

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