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Valentine’s Day chocolate dipped Oreos + Free Tag Printables

Remember the chocolate dipped St. Patrick’s Day oreo’s I made last year?  Well, I made another batch in pinkreds for my Valentine today and thought I’d share these Valentine’s Day chocolate dipped oreos + Free Tag Printables!  They’re really easy to make!  All you need is white chocolate, Oreos and a variety of cute pink and red Valentine themed sprinkles.  Your lover will love these Valentines Day chocolate dipped Oreos and you’ll have fun making them (;

In case you missed the tutorial last time, here’s a quick recap of how to make your own dipped Oreo’s…

1♥ Gather supplies of white melting chocolate, oreo’s, coordinating sprinkles, a skewer, candy box and ribbon. 
2  Insert skewer into oreo for easy dipping.
3  Dip oreo into melted chocolate.
4  Once fully covered in chocolate, place on wax paper.  
Note: This is when you decorate with sprinkles; chocolate needs to be sticky so the sprinkles will adhere.
5  Repeat steps but add a few drops of red food dye to dip in pink chocolate.
6 Complete decorating and chill for at least 10 minutes or until chocolate is firm.

You end up with a yummy treat to stick in your Valentine’s lunchbox or save for after dinner 🙂

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Pretty Valentine dipped Oreo's! So tasty! Great neighbor gift or treat for your love! {lollyjane.com}
And here are FREE Valentine’s tag printables!  In case you want to switch your color scheme up, there are six pretty color combo’s to choose from…our Valentine’s Day gift to YOU!
FREE printable Valentine's tag!! Matches any cute decor or treat you're gifting this year! {lollyjane.com}

Click the color below to download your own Valentine tag:
brown . gray . green . yellow . pink . turquoise
And since my printer was being naughty…I came up with an alternative to the tags.  Still  {see here for our tutorial on paper accordion lollies and the heart was leftover from last week’s ombre specimen art} but ebut I wish I had the tag in PINK to tie on…luck you! (;
How to make an easy, edible candy heart bracelet for Valentine's Day! (lollyjane.com)
Heart felt Valentine Trees by Lolly Jane #valentinesdaydecor
as well as our inspirational roundup posts like our recent 17 Valentine’s Day decor ideas!
17 adorable Valentine's Day decor ideas!!

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  1. So super cute, pinned this!! I'm going to whip some up for neighbor gifts to pass out tonight-thanks for the free printable! 🙂

    Happy Valentines Day!!

  2. You are so cute and fun!! Love them. Oh, how I love Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day to both of you fabulous ladies!

  3. These cookies look SO good! Why is everything better when smothered in chocolate?! Thanks for the printable!!

    Happy Valentine's Day, gals!

  4. I'm so excited for these tags, Kris! I'm taking my VT sugar cookies today and didnt have a cute tag…thank you very much (: Your cookies are too pretty to eat…how I wish we were neighbors still so I could bum one off you!! xoxox

  5. Super cute! What a lucky Valentine. 😉 Happy Hearts Day, girlies!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day, ladies! My printer won't print either 🙁 I think I need to go buy a new one! The cookies look delicious!

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