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Summer decor paper pinwheel

I’m getting ready for another segment on live TV tomorrow (our local midday news station asked if I could share some kid friendly summer crafts) and instead of Kristi joining me on set, I asked if my 10-year old daughter could “co host” and they agreed. She is so excited and her brothers keep asking for her autograph… LOL! I’ll be pulling together a handful of kid friendly crafts to share (like our snake socks and upcycled felt busy board) and although this isn’t the first pinwheel tutorial you’ll see in Blogland, it’s new to us… besides, these little cuties are quick to make with your littles and add a fun pop of color to your summer mantel without spending a lot of money.

How to make paper pinwheels for summer decor #paperpinwheel #summer

Supplies: scrapbook paper, paper straws (or dowels), scissors, glue gun, buttons or embellishments, jars.

How to make paper pinwheels for summer decor #paperpinwheel #summer

Directions: Cut 3 different scrapbook pieces into 6″ squares.  Cut 3″ slits in each corner, toward the center but don’t cut all the way through.  Fold and glue each right corner into the middle. Glue each corner on top of each other in the center of the paper.

How to make paper pinwheels for summer decor #paperpinwheel #summer

Glue your embellishment, button, bow etc in the middle of the pinwheel to cover the corners.How to make paper pinwheels for summer decor #paperpinwheel #summer

Glue a paper straw to the backside of the pinwheel and place in a jar for an easy summer mantel or summer decor.

How to make paper pinwheels for summer decor #paperpinwheel #summer

We snagged these cute jars & holder during Michael’s 1/2 off sale last weekend.  Use your coupon and you can score the same deal!  Such a cute piece of decor that’s so versatile! ( The adorable straws are from our buddies’ Orange Blossom’s etsy shop.)  Lots of cute decor for your home.

How to make paper pinwheels for summer decor #paperpinwheel #summer

Love these pinwheels because you can use them year round; simply use holiday themed paper for the different holidays. Okay wish us luck on set tomorrw!  AZ Midday, news channel 12 between 1-2pm if you’re a local and want to watch live (:

Check out all our of summer ideas and kids crafts too! Happy summer!

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  1. These are so cute! Thank you so much for linking up. I will be featuring these today. Hope to see more from you again.

  2. Awww- those are adorable! That’s right up my alley too! Be sure to let all your mommie followers know that if they just don’t have the time to DIY their own pinwheels- I’m happy to help! And all my custom made pinwheels SPIN! Come visit my blog soon – http://pinwheelpretties.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for sharing the project. Your blog is great, I’m following you now by email! : )

  3. So SO SO cute!!! My girls are ADDICTED to pin wheels.. They have even made Mini Pin Wheel earrings. However most of the time, their Pin Wheels get Hijacked by their 3yr old brother who thinks they’re Rocket Ships. And they are NEVER to be seen of again.

  4. I’m so excited about your tv appearance!! I’m glad your daughter is the cohost. Love the pinwheels!!

  5. What a great kids project! I am tempted to run out and get those same jars and basket b/c it’s so darn cute. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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