DIY 4th of July bunting

Okay I can gush like crazy about how stinkin cute this DIY 4th of July bunting is because it wasn’t our idea!  Our lovely sister Sandee is the brains behind this cuteness and we adore it!  Aaaaaaaaaand, she even had leftover fabric and insisted we make our own so it was free free free, our fav kinda craft, whoop! (;  Seriously, cutest bunting ever, love how the blue and white polka dots represent the stars of the American flag and the stripes mimic the rest, adorable.  Great idea, sister!

DIY 4th of July bunting using burlap & fabric. Easy and cute! #4thofJuly #bunting

Super easy to make.  Freehand a template from regular printer paper.  Mine ended up being about 10″ x 6″.  First I traced the pattern onto burlap and cut out.  I trimmed the pattern down a little before I traced it onto the blue and then red fabric so bits of burlap would peek out.  Then I cut out all my pieces, ending up with 6 total.

To adhere it together, I used 3M’s spray adhesive.  This stuff is legit!  It can stick anything together, I swear…even fingers so beware, spray carefully (;  It dries in seconds which is a fatty bonus!  I then cut a strip of burlap to line the top and dabbed hot glue across each top of each bunting piece to hang it all together.  How easy is that!

 Easy 4th of July bunting, super easy and darn cute! #4thofJuly #bunting

Hang on your front porch and enjoy!  Love this holiday, it’s my favorite holiday of them all! ps: Hi cute Eighteen25 printable!

Easy 4th of July bunting, super easy and darn cute! #4thofJuly #bunting

Easy 4th of July bunting, super easy and darn cute! #4thofJuly #bunting

Easy 4th of July bunting, super easy and darn cute! #4thofJuly #bunting


And here’s how it looks on Sandee’s cute black front door, paired with a giant $5 star she scored at Katie/Vintage Rose Wrap’s garage sale (;

Quick 4th of July decor: bunting & giant star on your front door. #4thofJuly #bunting

Stars & Stripes burlap and fabric banner #4thofJuly #bunting

Cute 4th of July decor: easy bunting & giant star on your front door. #4thofJuly #bunting

Be sure to check out all our 4th of July decor!  Happy Independence Day!

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  1. Love the banner! Will totally make one this week. You mentioned that the cute printable was found on eighteen25 but I couldn’t find it when I clicked on the link. Is that the right spot? I love it and want to get one!!

  2. LOVE IT!!!!! Seriously! Your sister is brilliant!
    Please tell me I can feature this on my new burlap page!!!!!

    Fingers crossed you say yes!

    Happy day!

  3. So cute and your family hit the jackpot with the creativity genes!!!
    I’d be making one too if I wasn’t headed out of town – will just have to wait for next year!
    Sandee needs a blog too!

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