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“Prayers of a Righteous Mother” |DIY watercolor canvas

Which love language does your mom speak? My mom says her greatest gift is to see me making decisions that will lead to my happiness. Since that’s a little hard to package into a deliverable for her special day, I thought this beautiful quote communicates exactly how her motherhood has shaped me. “There are few things more powerful than the faithful prayers of a righteous mother” –by Boyd K Packer in April 2013 LDS General Conf

I had an 8×10 canvas on hand and thought it would make this print even more special by painting it instead of just printing it off my computer. However, since painter I am not, I designed a quick cut file for my Cricut and cut some vinyl {scroll to DOWNLOAD} and put it on the canvas. Then painted over the letters, removed them, and outlined the letters.

Here’s how you can make your own: {or simply scroll down to DOWNLOAD the printable version}

  1. (1) 8×10 canvas
  2. Expressions Vinyl
  3. Cricut
  4. Quote Cut File {scroll to download}
  5. Watercolors
  6. Fine-tipped pen


If you don’t have time to paint something for mom, here’s the print you can DOWNLOAD and print for FREE! yep, I love you guys.


>>Download 8×10 Print HERE | Download Cut File HERE

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Happy Spring free printable! Love this pretty spring home decor!





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