This dainty little Halloween wreath came to us during a blooper craft attempt, actually.
We were trying to create a scrunchy, full wreath from cupcake liners for our Elmer’s krazy glue challenge last month but quickly learned it didn’t stick to the liners {d’oh!} so we busted out the Elmers fabric & paper glue instead and played around with them until we created this darling Halloween ruffle wreath!
We had never seen a cupcake liners look like this type of ruffle so Kelli patted me on the back for creating this.  Thanks, Kell 🙂  Anyway it was super easy to make but somewhat time consuming… lots of cutting and well worth it, I think!
You can make this with just a few simple supplies:
  • 1 pk. Halloween cupcake liners
  • Flat wooden wreath form ($2 @ Michaels)
  • Sticky craft glue (we used Elmer’s)
  • Scissors and a fun partner to keep you sane 😉
To make this you will need to cut the center of the liner out:
And then get to wrapping:
1. Glue the liner to the back of wreath.
2. Wrap the liner around the wreath…
3. Keep wrapping…
4. …until you have a little liner tail.
5. Add a dab of glue to the liner tail.
6. Press until it’s sturdy.
Then repeat, repeat, repeat until you have a pile of cut liners that go from this to that:
Now to bling it out Halloween style 🙂
Just add tule, strips of festive ribbon, punched out numbers {downloaded from here} and a cute tag {downloaded from here.}
Hang and enjoy!
Only 20 days until Halloween!!
Are you ready for those cute trick-or-treaters?
PS: THANK YOU for your sweet well wishes with my first pregnancy.  I simply ♥ our readers 🙂


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