How to Stencil a Dining Room Wall with Paint

Another big week here on Lolly Jane, starting with a major before/after.  This week I’m sharing my dining room reveal using this pretty Julia All Over Stencil!

Mustard Yellow Dining Room Stencil Cutting Edge Stencils

SO glad to have this room checked off my list. I think I’ll get a bigger rug eventually but other than that, I’m happy with it!

When I moved in 7 months ago, here is what I had to work with.

Left picture: you can see a bay window on the right side of the room.  We tore that out, opening it up into the previous “AZ Room” (which is now apart of the house).  Taking out that wall has added a couple hundred sq ft to the house and is the kids’ new playroom/music room (piano on one side of the room).

Right picture: the back of the pop out bay window which was torn out.

In this picture you can see how it flows from the front door now:

Loving it.  
Do you remember my turquoise hutch makeover? I love it paired with the top layer of mustard yellow on the wall…that mustard yellow bowl in the hutch was from my wedding nearly 10 years ago and it ties the colors together nicely, I think.  The color I used for the bottom coat is Sherwin-Williams Glad Yellow which Lowe’s mixed for me, the top coat is a pretty mustard yellow called Jackson Square by Valspar.

I couldn’t have completed the final look without the help of Cutting Edge Stencils.  And my honest-to-goodness review?  A+!  They’re fabulous.  I truly think the stencil was very, very easy to use.  

BEFORE I got started, I actually took the time to read every page on the website.  Note: This is something I NEVER do, but I wanted to do it the right way instead of my typical impatient way 😉  I used the Julia All Over Stencil and studied all the tips before I began:

Pretty right??  I opted for one color this round but since the stencils are reusable, I’ll go for the 2-tone next time.  

It was ridiculously easy.  Everyone that sees it thinks it’s wallpaper.  All you do is tape the stencil up, starting at the top of your wall.  Use that level provided for accuracy!!  You don’t have to wait for it to dry before you gently remove it and start the next block.  It’s very forgiving and hard to mess up (:

If you’re a nervous nelly, there are some awesome tutorials to help you along the way.  If I messed up, it was easy to hide.

Also, the whole project start to finish was just 3 hours.  I timed one row, just for fun: 9 minutes!  Not too shabby.  

Keep in mind my 4 kiddos were sleeping soundly as I worked alongside a movie.  I love the dining room now, such a fun and bright space to gather as a family for our meals.

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  1. Cool and trendy… I just bought similarly to this furniture at homefurnitureandpatio.com.

  2. I came here mainly to comment about the wall, cause I love it! But I'll go ahead and enter the contest, too! I already like Cutting Edge Stencils on FB!

  3. I have a big oddball wall in my dining room that you have inspired me to stencil..hope I win 🙂

  4. And, I just found your blog and became a follower. I LOVE it! (and, I'm a twin too :-))

  5. Your dining room turned out beautiful! I hope I win one of those stencils cause' it looks great. Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower too, so stop by anytime, Lori

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  10. I like them on Facebook.


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  11. That looks great! And I am impressed it only took you a month to pick a stencil. They have a lot of great choices. I have several bookmarked as inspiration. Love it!

  12. Oh I LOVE this!!!! Would be perfect for me now since Im turning Daughters room into big girl room:) Liked Cutting Edge on fb

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  20. Your dining room is just beautiful … that wall is awesome!

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    And I LOVE your yellow walls! They look fabulous with my favorite turquoise hutch!

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  23. Your dining room is AMAZING!! Beautifully elegant while being warm and inviting!! Love it!!

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  26. Love that wall! I'm trying to decide how to stencil my dining room – think of Rachel's Garden, maybe, or a damask one. I like this one a lot too. Interesting how different it looks in a single color.

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  28. By the way, this room is absolutely stunning! I love CEStencils and can never decide which is my favorite. Right now I'm leaning towards the dandelion because I love the whimsy. In any case, love the blog!

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    I follow Cutting Edge Stencils on fb.

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  42. Bright and beautiful, the mirror really feels like a window opening up the space and the color combination is like a bottle sunshine burst open, so fresh and fun. I truly thought it was wallpaper too. Really nice job.

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