DIY Stanley Quencher Cup

Want to make your favorite Stanley Quencher Cup life-size? We gotchu! It makes the perfect accessory for your 10′ or 12′ Halloween skeleton!

Make a life-size Stanley quencher cup! Your skelly will be so stylish for Halloween!

What is a Stanley Quencher Cup?

Unless you’re living under a rock, Stanley quenchers (or Stanley cups and no, not hockey!) are all. the. rage. We each own a few in different colors. They’re popular due to how long the ice stays frozen (a must for Phoenix living.) You can buy directly from Stanley for the latest seasonal or limited edition colors/designs but we’ve found that Dicks Sporting Goods has the best selection. (The hot pink Stanley is my fave!)

Materials to make a Stanley cup

Not surprisingly, I gathered most of the materials to make our jumbo Stanley cup at our local hardware store.

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Project materials:

How to make a Stanley cup

Making this jumbo Stanley quencher cup was a breeze! I was able to put it all together inside while watching a Hallmark movie (minus the spray paint!) So easy and fun, love how it came together!


Project time was less than an hour (aside from shopping + paint dry time.)

  1. Remove one handle from your garbage can, don’t toss it!
  2. Place handle upside down and adhere to garbage can near the bottom. (See video for visual.)
  3. Cut cardboard up in pieces to create a “handle.” I just winged it and duct taped here and there until it was shaped like a Stanley handle, securing pieces to the garbage can. Note: handle is just for looks!
  4. Secure planter to garbage can using duct tape. Feel free to get fancy using other material(s) for a smoother look. This mom has 3 kids to get ready for Halloween and my skelly doesn’t care about the tape wrinkles. 😉 This is when it starts to take shape and look like a Stanley cup!
  5. Drill hole (or use screwdriver to poke a hole) into the bottom of the garbage can for the pvc pipe to drop into planter, (“straw.”)
  6. Cut pvc pipe/straw to size if need be, (I cut 6″ off of mine.)
  7. Spray primer over garbage can/planter/handle and be sure to coat the lip of the garbage can and a few inches inside.
  8. Once primer is dry, spray paint color of choice (I used metallic rose gold to match my Stanley cup, so many fun options!) Note: Let paint fully dry before installing on skelly to avoid smudging or paint transfer.
  9. Add straw into Stanley.
  10. Cut out Stanley logo (yes it’s tedious but worth it!) then secure to jumbo Stanley cup with spray adhesive.
  11. Once logo is on, spray sealant over to prevent letters/logo from lifting.
  12. Optional last step, use a drill or screwdriver to create 4 small holes (2 per zip tie) and secure to skeleton.
  13. Also optional: dress your skelly up! We added a checkered crossbody bag, wig and signature influencer style hat. Haha

Skelly is just as stylish sans the wig, crossbody and hat right! Rest assured he’s parched no longer this Halloween season! 😉

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