Recycled baby blanket


Once upon a time,

I had a beautiful baby girl who adored her pink blankey.
Fast forward 7 years to a now small blanket for a growing girl.

Instead of putting it away, I decided to recycle it into something she would use:

Keep in mind I made this strictly with a little and not experience with a sewing machine πŸ˜‰  Ha ha.
Here’s how you can make your very own owl
maybe from your special piece of fabric, too!
  • Decide on how big your want your owl; measure.
  • Cut fabric based on measurements.
  • Use {newspaper} template of owl shape, {I simply freehanded mine.}
  • Cut out template on 2 pieces of fabric.
  • Place back-to-back and pink in place.
  • Add triangle “wings” {from her baby pillow that matched her crib set.}
  • Pin into place, ready to sew {pin INSIDE body, otherwise wings/feet will be inside out!}.
  • Sew all pieces together, leaving a small slit for stuffing.
  • Stuff, stuff, stuff until your owl is nice and plump!
  • Add eyes {mine is layered in freehand felt daisy’s, a circle and buttons from my grandmother,} triangle nose and feet {added some poms for toenails!} and stitch into place.
  • Give to your daughter to on.
Hoot hoot! πŸ™‚

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  1. That is so precious! I love it.

    Thanks for linking this project up with For the Kids Fridays! I appreciate you stopping by, and hope to have you back for this week's party! I'll be posting it later tonight.

    :)rachel at

  2. Great idea to turn a beloved blanket into a soon to be loved softie:) A good way to make it grow with her. Bet she holds onto it forever! Thanks for sharing with us at A Crafty Soiree! Please join us next time too!

  3. These owls are just Adorable!

    I'm now Following you back via TTTT Blog Hop. Thanks for stopping by and joining in the Fun!

  4. This is such a great idea! I love using things for different things. Super cute! Thanks for stopping over and linking up to Tuesday Tell All.

  5. Owls are so big right now and this is adorable! What a fun way to hold on to a favorite blanket! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's.

  6. Thanks for the blog visit and follow- I'm returning the favor. Very cute blog- I'm having fun looking around!

    Valerie@Occasionally Crafty

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  8. What a great idea! Both of my daughters have cherished blankies, so if there's any shreds of them left as they get older, I might have to do something like this!

    Thanks for stopping by, have a great rest of your week!


    Remember those tie blankets?

    My son had a Minnesota Twins one that he ADORED! When he outgrew it as a blanket, I untied one side, and put his pillow in it! Now he uses it every night, and brings it with him everywhere πŸ™‚

    I think your owl is adorable! i want to make one for my niece!

  10. This is SO sweet. And a wonderful keepsake. I have GOT to learn how to sew.

    & thx for the sweet comment on my blog and for following me.

  11. i absolutely LOVE it! Talk about resourcefulness. I have so many blankets I could choke, and some are hand-made by special people that I don't exactly want to trash. This is an excellent idea.

  12. Thanks so much for stopping by! I LOVE this idea! How cute is that! πŸ™‚


  13. That is an awesome idea! My first daughter wasn't really attached to anything, but my secind daughter takes her blanket everywhere.

    It was actually a fur throw for the lounge she claimed. I might do something like this later. I love it.

    New follower.
    Aspiring Millionaire

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