DIY Silhouette Necklace.... EASY and PERFECT for Mother's Day! :)

HI! I’m Megan Ballarini of Sweet Lilly Doodles, and I’m going to show you how to make a cute and easy silhouette necklace! Mothers day is coming fast! This would be a fun way to show off your kiddos, or be a sweet gift for your favorite mother! I think you’ll see, I am a use-what-you-have crafter. This is so so easy!

You’ll need:

  • A locket and chain.  The two large lockets and chain in this project are from Michaels Stores
  • Your phone
  • A thin and thick black marker, pencil, scissors
  • A small scrap of paper that is easy to see through (cardstock won’t work)

Step 1~ Take a picture. The hardest part of this project is getting the picture of your kid! Just use your camera phone and have them stand in front of a light colored backdrop. My little guy is standing in front of white curtains and it worked great. Three year olds aren’t very good at standing still, so this took us a few tries to get a usable picture of his profile!

See what I mean? But we did finally get a good one!

This is the one I ended up using.

Step 2~ Trace your image. You can use any paper you’d like, as long as it’s easily see-through. I had some old map paper that had a nice aged look to it, so I used that. Draw a circle the size of the locket window on your paper. I found a bottle of craft paint was the perfect size circle. Trace around the bottle then place the paper over your image on your phone screen. You are using your phone screen like a light box! Center your picture in the circle and lightly trace your outline in pencil.

Step 3~ Color in your image. I used a thin black sharpie to outline, then used a thicker black marker to fill it in. Be sure to add any cowlicks or other hair quirks unique to your child, you may also want to add eye lashes! Now cut out your circle and place it in your locket!

That’s it! Told ya it was easy!  I only have one kid, so I just keep adding silhouettes from his different ages onto my chain! I love the look of multiple lockets on one chain, so it’s perfect if you have multiple children! I hope you give this a try, Happy Mother’s Day!

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