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Please welcome the cute Ali from Dream Crafter here today! Yay!

Hi there Lolly Janers! I’m Ali from Dream Crafter! I am so excited to be here today sharing this super easy craft with you. These girls always amaze me with their creativity and mouth watering recipes. I am so happy to be part of this holiday crafting tour!

Now, on to the good stuff. I love the idea of neutral Christmas decor. White on white (with a little bit of gold thrown in there) is my sweet spot. Except when it comes to wrapping paper… apparently…

Supply List: pinecones, latex paint, gold bakers twine, paperclips for drying. 

I decided that this year I wanted to go with a really soft neutral theme for my Christmas tree. Most of my ornaments are already gold or silver and I wanted to add some white to it.

Easy Christmas decor! Paint dipped pine cones

So, naturally my boys and I went on a little jog down the street to the nearest pine tree and gathered up some fallen pine cones. I know you can buy these, but why buy when you can find them laying on the ground?!

Once you have your pine cones be sure to wash them. I did this just by throwing them in some hot water in my sink. I put a little bleach in there too and let them soak. (The bleach kills all the bugs and critters that might be hiding in the cracks.)

When they are completely dry, set up your hanging/drying station.

Start by attaching paper clips to the tops of each pine cone just by winding them around the top. Get a can of white paint and dip the whole pine cone in the pint of paint. Let it sit in there for a minute until all the bubbles come up. (Be sure to hang on to the paper clip really tight). Then hang it somewhere that it can dry but drip out the excess paint at the same time.)

Funny story: I started by dipping mine and I didn’t have anywhere to hang it. I just didn’t think through that processes. I’m standing there at my kitchen table with a pinecone in my hand dripping with paint and no where to put it. Good times. 🙂 So be sure to set up a little spot they can hang BEFORE you dip your first pine cone.

When they are all dry, clear coat them with some clear spray paint and take off the paper clip. Carefully tie a gold string (or bakers twine or jute…or anything) around the same spot that your paper clip was holding it.


I just love how they turned out and can’t wait to put these bad boys on my tree!


A big thank you to Lolly Jane for having me stop by today! If you wanna get to know me a little better you can find my bio below:

Hi! I’m Ali! I have two toddler boys and another boy on the way. I am a stay at home mom that likes to pretend she knows how to run a successful blog and I LOVE to craft and create new things. I can eat an entire can of frosting in one sitting, I love to read, and you can often find me dumpster diving. (Hey don’t judge! Sometimes I find good stuff!)

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  1. I tried this but the paint did not give the pine cones the thick look? Did you dip them multiple times?

  2. These are so fun! I’ve used spray paint on my pinecones before but never dipped. Looks fun and chunky. Good job!

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