colorful white Christmas tree decor

We love decorating for Christmas and we lovely love love our craft room so… we decided to put a tree in there! As if the colorful space wasn’t playful enough, our new white Christmas tree fits the room perfectly and is oh-so-cute!

Easy white Christmas tree decor

We’re playing along with Treetopia.Com and having you guess WHICH gorgeous white tree is ours… simply leave a comment guessing which specific tree this is from their white tree line and be entered in a raffle to win a $100 credit. Soooo fun! (: We’ve never owned a white tree before but Kristi is now dying to have one in her house next year, too. They. Are. Gorg!

Win a $100 giftcard to

(And because we love ya, here’s a little peek at our bare tree… maybe this will be easier for you to guess which one it is!)

Pretty white Christmas tree by Treetopia.Com

Aaaand here it is all dolled up in Target’s colorful ornaments, every deer/reindeer we own (we are antler crazy!) and a simple paper straw garland. On our sneak peek on Instagram, one of our readers suggested cutting them in shorter pieces so they would lay against the tree better; we love that idea and we will do that next year for sure! Also visit how to decorate a Christmas tree in 7 easy steps.

Love this colorful white Christmas tree!

Here’s a closer peek:

Easy white Christmas tree decor

We went a little crazy with the colored chalk this year but it is so cheery we had to leave it! 

Love this colorful white Christmas tree!

We added a pom pom garland to the deer head to add more color to this pretty white tree. We LOVE how the colors pop against it!

Easy white Christmas tree decor

Here’s the other side of our fun craft room. our embroidery hoop wall art, yellow crib spring to bulletin board + the details on the chalkboard:

Lolly Jane's fun herringbone bookcase in their craft room! Love this space! |

Use embroidery hoops and old fabric for easy wall decor in a colorful craft room! @lollyjaneblog

Use an old painted crib spring for easy wall decor in a colorful craft room! @lollyjaneblog

We’d love to know, are you a traditional Christmas tree person or do you have a white tree? 

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  1. Thank you, thank you! I got notice of winning today and am having fun on the treetopia site. Can’t wait till next year for decorating!

  2. Loving this contest. My guess is the moonlight white tinsel tree. So cute. And I LOVE this craft room.

  3. I’m guessing your white tree is the Glimmering White Christmas Tree. It looks so pretty all decorated in colorful ornaments and I love your craft room! Thanks for the chance to win. Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  4. You two ooze with creativity! Love following you! My guess is the Moonlight White tree. Merry Christmas!

  5. I think it looks like glimmering white! My whole life we’ve had green trees- I didn’t even know about white trees until I was in junior high and my grandma had one at her house. She actually ended up GIVING IT TO ME but at the time I was in college and I didn’t have a house to put it in so I donated it to a thrift store. I AM SO SAD I DID! Not only was it an heirloom but white has become my favorite look. The only thing that makes me feel better about giving it up is that by the time I got it from her it was yellowing. Still, I think now a days I would’ve been able to salvage it!

    1. Aaaah that is so sad! I inherited our late grandmothers hutch that sat in her home for over 50 years and while we were building our house, stored it in my dads barn. When I went to pull it out we discovered a leaky roof and a completely warped hutch, not salvageable after going through 2 years of monsoons. Boo!!! I feel your pain, sista! We’ll cross our fingers for you, Connie (:

  6. Beautiful…. I love the way ornaments just pop with a white tree. I’ll guess Whisper White Cashmere tree.

  7. It’s a beautiful tree and I did want a white tree this year. But hubby would’ve killed me if I told him that considering we just bought the artificial one we have now last year πŸ™‚

    Anyway, my guess is Moonlight Whiye Christmas Tree. Here’s to hoping for a white Christmas next year!

  8. Ive allllllllways wanted a white tree! I love Treetopia’s awesome selection of modern fun trees. This one looks like the moonlight tree. Thanks for the giveaway ladies:)

  9. We buy a fresh tree every year, but I’ve always wanted a white tree! They’re so fun. I love all the Target ornaments on yours. Okay, I’m guessing the Moonlight White Tree. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the super fun giveaway!

  10. So pretty! The white looks so great with your home’s color scheme. And I love those owl ornaments πŸ™‚

    I’m guessing Moonlight White.

  11. Beautiful!! I am going to guess the Moonlight White Christmas tree! I have wanted a white one for our basement for so long now – maybe next year! πŸ™‚

  12. YOU GIRLS ROCK!! So much creativity and talent it is amazing!! I am going to guess that it’s the Whisper White Cashmere! Love your decor all year round, but have a soft spot for this white tree of yours! πŸ™‚

  13. Adorable tree and craft room. I too am a bit antler crazy. I think the tree is the Glimmering White Christmas Tree.

  14. Gorgeous tree! I am in LOVE with your craft room! My guess for your tree is the MOONLIGHT WHITE CHRISTMAS TREE

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