St. Patrick’s Beadboard Shamrock Decor

 Did you all know Kristi and I have another creative sister?  Sandee is kind of our 3rd amigo as we’re always sneaking her projects on here.  We trade her for free vinyl so everyone is happy.  Today we’re showing off her St. Patrick’s Beadboard Shamrock Decor!
The Shamrocks Story:
My lil bro just remodeled his kitchen & has a ton of beadboard leftover.  Of course he knew his sisters could put it to good use for crafting, {thanks Mikey!}  So big sis Sandee found a shamrock on “Google Images” and simply used a projector to blow it up to actual size and used it as a stencil.  Clever!   Her hubby cut it out on his jigsaw in under 5 minutes & after a coat of Rustoleum’s Apple Green it was ready to go!  She didn’t love the look on its own so after digging through our dad’s junk wood pile, so she…
  • Found a piece of plywood.
  • Painted it with white acrylic paint.
  • Sanded the edges.
  • Gorilla Glue’d the shamrock smack dab in the middle.
Whaddya think?  Pretty easy peasy and super cute, huh.  But the best part: FREE!  Note: If you don’t have those items on hand, you can easily buy them at Home Depot for not a lot of dough.
Oh! Remember this LUCKY sign?  I messed up a decal so Sandee turned it into a stencil & moved the cute little shamrock.. she totally rock’d it! 😉
Oh, the perks of living next door to your sister!  Thanks San 😉 xo

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  1. LOVE this! Thanks for sharing! I'm featuring it on my blog tomorrow. 🙂

  2. WHAT UP GIRLIES?! I'm SO excited you stopped by my blog! I had to stop by to snoop:) I heard KAPOW,BANG,BOOM! That's right, I heard fireworks. It's love at first sight! I LOVE all the fun stuff you have craftin' on! I will be following your FABULOUSNESS! Smooches!

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

  3. LOVE IT, you guys!!

    I am so making BOTH of them this year! I haven't a St. Pat's Day decor to my name! 🙂

    I am filing this at Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh my gosh!! I LOVE it!! Any chance she wants to do a giveaway (to me?!) Just kidding! Thanks for linking up to Kirstikoo.

  5. So stinking cute! I love it. I wish those creative juices could jump out of the computer screen on over to me!

  6. ha ha u girls are funny 🙂 and just so you know Todd did NOT cut out that Shamrock. Me & Breck/Toddy did. I cut while I made the boys stand on the wood to hold it down for me. hey it worked!

    Can't wait for Easter decor… get going on some cute ideas!

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