21 fun summer boredom busters

Ah, the last week of school. Some of you are maybe making summer banners for your kids to run through when they get off the bus for the last time this school year, enjoying the stress-free schedule that comes with the littles of out of school. We are, too! But what do we do in the summertime to keep them entertained after the newness of summer vacation wears off and we find them plopped in front of the TV? Well, we’ve rounded up the most fun summertime boredom busters for you to try with your kids this sunny season, 21 fun summer activities!!
21 fun summer boredom busters you can do via LollyJane.com #summerboredombusters
Kids car wash | Domestic Charm
DIY kids car wash #summerboredombuster
Making your deck a boardgame | The 36th Ave.
Make your deck a giant game board #summerboredombuster
DIY mini marshmallow gun | The Idea Room
DIY mini marshmallow gun #summerboredombuster
Tasty bingo | Positively Splendid
DIY slip ‘n slide | Diary of a Preppy Mom
DIY slip 'n slide #summerboredombuster
Ice chalk | Reading Confetti
DIY hot air balloon | Bloesem Kids
DIY hot air balloon #summerboredombuster
Superhero boredom buster | Sugar Tot Designs
Superhero summer boredom buster
Waterproof puppet theater | Spoonful
Waterproof puppet theater- perfect for pool or splash pad! #summerboredombuster
Homemade slime | It’s Gravy Baby
DIY slime #summerboredombuster
Marble launch | Spoonful
Marble launch #summerboredombusters
Molded crayons | Homemade by Jill
Molded crayons  #summerboredombusters
Sponge bombs | Inner Child Fun
Sponge bombs! Just tie rubber bands around sponges #summerboredombuster
DIY felt board | Lolly Jane
Dinosaur fossils  | Lil’ Luna
DIY dinosaur fossils #summerboredombuster
Fishing pole game | Blissfully Domestic
Fishing pole game #summerboredombuster
Soap boat racing | I Heart Naptime
Building with marshmallows + toothpicks  #summerboredombuster
Toy parachute | No Time for Flashcards
DIY parachute #summerboredombuster
Spoon puppet theater | Creative Jewish Mom
Spoon Puppet Theater #summerboredombuster
Tis the season for lemonade- check out our upcycled lemonade stand and be creative to make your own!
Cute upcycled lemonade stand  #summerboredombuster
For more ideas take a looksie at our own DIY kids craft projects and our fun roundups like our 50+ easy kids crafts,
50+ easy kids crafts, great boredom busters!! via @lollyjaneblog
100 family time ideas via @lollyjaneblog


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  1. My, my, my what fun ideas! I don’t have little ones around much anymore, but I can see using some of these ideas for a family reunion relay race . . . colorful, happy and fun for all ages 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.
    Connie 🙂

  2. His do you make the ice chalk I mean you guys have great ideas but you don’t tell how to make them could you Email me and tell me how to make it please?

  3. I am not sure we have that many days of summer! Great ideas! We have tried a few but I see many more to put on our summer list! We have an oceanside pool and I hope to spend many days there (even though it will 55 degrees and we need coffee and hot chocolate)

    1. Thanks Holly! Hello, an oceanside pool sounds ah-may-zing… and a warm drink during the cool summer nights is refreshing! Invite us, mmmkay! (; xoxo

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