Lemonade stand

When we think of summer fun, it always includes sweet lemonade so we thought we would spruce up the lemonade stand we found at a yard sale for a whoppin’ $4.  Loving our lemonade stand, a quick redo!
Before it was just white with some chalkboard paint.  Kind of bland, right?  We added some bright yellow vinyl lettering in the perfect font, a cheery banner with fun summer colors/prints and a striped awning to complete the look.  Include our sweet Saira in a ruffly apron and we’re ready to sell some lemonade! 😉
To make the awning I simply stitched together strips of white/pink material, hemmed the top and cut scallops on the bottom by hand. I used translucent Velcro to keep everything in place, but handy that it can come off for a quick wash.  The gray bar you see peeking out on the sides of the awning is actually a cheap curtain rod!  The bunting was also super easy, just fun fabric prints cut into triangles and topped off with green ric-rac:
Oh, and because my original idea was to put the lemonade lettering on the top part of the stand, I now have an extra… that we’re giving away to one lucky winner!
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    1. We own a vinyl business and cut it long ago 🙂 I can’t recall exactly which font now but Rio Grande is pretty similar, I think from DaFont.com.

  1. I love your lemonade stand! Especially the font! Do you know what it’s called? Or do you remember where you found the letters? Thank you!

  2. I love your lemonade stand! So cute and I love the colors… The durability and the wheels!
    It’s what my daughter would like for her bday this March 18. It’s all she’s talking about. Great job!

    1. Hi Michelle! No, we lucked out and got it at a garage sale! There are some great tutorials to build your own around blogland though 🙂

  3. Again, totally impressed! So cute and so much fun for your little ones, I'm featuring this one too! Come check it out tomorrow-

    Thanks for sharing it with me,

  4. Hands down AMAZING! I am so glad you won with this one. Love love love

  5. i like you on fb as christy hayhurst and facebook.com/HomeMom

    christyhayhurst at hotmail dot com

  6. Ooh, I want to enter! These photos are absolutely adorable 🙂

    I voted for you too!

  7. this just makes me smile so big. What a great find. I needed to see this today. Thank you for the start of a new day. xo hugs bonitarose in fargo

  8. You never know what you'll find yard sale'ing… this was a STEAL of a deal fo sho! 😉

    PS: Yes CC, open to Canadian residents! xo

  9. Seriously what kid wouldn't want to have this lemonade stand?! And for $4? That is amazing!

  10. Okay girls! You're KILLIN' me!! This is too cute! I always love to come over to the other blogs and see who voted for you. I must admit, I get a little offended that some of MY followers voted for you! haha!! I seriously LOVE this soooo stinkin' much! Great job! You're through to the next round for sure!! xoxo!!

  11. This is just the cutest thing ever!!!! Love how you girls fixed it all up nice and cute! You know people are going to stop to by lemonade and maybe ask to by the lemonade stand too! I voted for you!

  12. Definitely my favorite out of the bunch! But dang you…I have been craving a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade ALL FREAKING DAY. You'd better email me your address and tell me when you're selling for real so I can quench my craving! I will drive ALLLLL the way to Arizona. And I love your lettering! I would LOOOVE to win it! I totally voted for you, too.

  13. I had to vote for that … it's so stinkin' cute. I can't believe you found it for so cheap … and your improvements are perfect!

  14. I almost DIED when I saw this! AWESOME! Funny thing is that I also thought about a lemonade stand or lemonade theme party for this week also! YOU did fantastic and of course, I voted!

  15. Oh, you guys…this is so cute!!! Makes me want to get my husband to make one for me! Think he can do it for just $4.00???? Not bloody likely…;) Great job!!! You get my vote…

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