When we think of summer fun, it always includes sweet lemonade so we thought we would spruce up the lemonade stand we found at a yard sale for a whoppin’ $4.  Loving our lemonade stand, a quick redo!
Before it was just white with some chalkboard paint.  Kind of bland, right?  We added some bright yellow vinyl lettering in the perfect font, a cheery banner with fun summer colors/prints and a striped awning to complete the look.  Include our sweet Saira in a ruffly apron and we’re ready to sell some lemonade! 😉
To make the awning I simply stitched together strips of white/pink material, hemmed the top and cut scallops on the bottom by hand. I used translucent Velcro to keep everything in place, but handy that it can come off for a quick wash.  The gray bar you see peeking out on the sides of the awning is actually a cheap curtain rod!  The bunting was also super easy, just fun fabric prints cut into triangles and topped off with green ric-rac:
Oh, and because my original idea was to put the lemonade lettering on the top part of the stand, I now have an extra… that we’re giving away to one lucky winner!
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