St. Patty’s Day chocolate dipped Oreo

Many of you may not know my son is adopted.
LVE adoption.
Each holiday I send a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to his birthparents.
For St. Patrick’s Day, I made these:
Chocolate dipped oreos…
with a lucky little love tag:
{It says “I am so LUCKY to have you“}
Wanna make your own?
Supplies needed:
*Mint oreos {green in the middle!}
*Melting chocolate.
*Festive green&white sprinkles. 
*Green food coloring.
*Box {$0.79 at local craftstore}
*Striped jute or ribbon
1. Melt chocolate according to package directions.
2. With a skewer, dip oreo into chocolate.  Drip dry.
3. Place on wax paper.
4. Once you have a handful of white dipped oreo’s, 
simply add a few drops of food coloring for some green dipped oreo’s.  
5. Decorate with SpRiNkLeS while chocolate is still wet.
6. Admire your work while oreo’s are drying.
Alright, get back to work! ;) 
7. Wrap the oreos all cute in the box.
8. Tie box with striped jute or ribbon
Attach a St. Patty’s tag and/or put oreo’s in a clear treat baggy.
Mandatory: Must sample at least one! ;)

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