vinyl framed art

Kristi & I used to sell vinyl lettering.  It’s how we got into the whole blogging business.  We used to have  a passion for it and the following story is why.  Although we don’t sell anymore and refer everyone to our friend, Marni, we can occasionally get suckered into it by sweet friends…or neighbors who live down the street and know you actually do have a spare couple hours if they’re not in a huge hurry (; I do love how this vinyl framed art turned out, it’s the popular Winnie the Pooh quote but I changed things up a little to make it match my friend’s home decor a little more.  Read on for how and why this quote means so much to my pal.

Vinyl Framed Art

This was a time consuming project in the fact that it I had to apply each section of vinyl separately, but it wasn’t a hard process.  I used my LXi vinyl lettering program to create the look I wanted.  From there it was a matter of cutting the black quotes in three sections since my cutter is only 24″…which made it a little harder to apply the vinyl as I was matching up random chunks of quotes at a time.  I did the “If ever – trust” in one batch, the “You – think” in a second and “But – you” in a third and finally, all the turquoise lettering in a fourth batch. But I used my level and eye-balled it as best as I could.  I think it turned out pretty neat for an inexpensive frame that my friend only bought on clearance just for the large frame.  It would’ve also made a great chalkboard, felt board or bulletin board.

To make your own, use the following fonts:

Mary Jane for “If,” “when we’re not together,” etc.

Nixie One for “ever there is a tomorrow” etc.

Xiomara for all the cursive words.

Arial for the brackets {} and <<<<<<<<<<<

Adhesive Nr. Seven is the top banner is, letter G *I had to alter it so it was solid then added the lettering inside.

Bergamot Ornaments is the bottom banner, letter b.

So the back story is my friend’s niece passed away suddenly and this was her niece’s favorite quote.  The last part made me tear up as I was telling the story to my sis… “But the most important this is even if we’re apart…I’ll always be with you.”  My friend will now display this in her home so her kids can remember their cousin who was taken too soon.

Vinyl framed art.

So what do you think?  Will you ever pass a good looking frame with an ugly print again?  Just get your hands on some vinyl and the possibilities are endless (:

Vinyl Framed Art

Visit all of our past vinyl lettering projects, we have quite a few!  And if stencils are more you style, we have lots of those as well (:  Happy crafting!

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  1. Lovely project! I would love to attempt this for my daughter, since Winnie the Pooh was her favorite movie when she was a toddler, and as a cancer survivor… what a wonderful reminder that each day is precious! Thank you from your newest follower~

    1. Thanks for the nice comment! It’s always happy to hear of survivors! Our best friend passed from a brain tumor and we think of her daily! Have a blessed week!

    1. The glass was already part of the frame so we just applied directly onto the glass w/o having to remove it (:

    2. The glass was already part of the frame so we just applied the vinyl directly onto the glass w/o having to remove it (:

  2. I am bookmarking this page – what a thoughtful project idea for my own home or as a gift.

    Your story is touching and the quote is a lovely reminder of your friend’s angel.

  3. This is so beautiful and what a wonderful way to remember your friends young niece. Thank you for sharing! I found this on Pinterest today, and our family lost our Nana, very unexpectedly nine months ago and when I read it, I felt like my Nana was whispering these words to me as comfort. You are so talented and thank you again for sharing. My condolences on your friends loss.

  4. Kelli – I am so in love with this! It is so perfect and comforting and visually beautiful. It makes me a little emotional as well. So sweet and I think really comforting.

  5. That is a really sweet quote and story. That’s terrible that that happened and send my apologies to them for me!
    I want to get a vinyl cutting type of thing SO bad! I love all of the things you can do with them. They’re just a little pricey for me. I will have to remember your friend that sells them though because we are expecting our first little one and I would love some of these as cute quotes/bible versus.

  6. I love this!! What fonts did you use etc.? I would love to make one and I loved the lettering and graphics you used!

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