We loved our Valentine ombre specimen art but since St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching, we had to change it out to reflect the green holiday so we created Shamrock ombre specimen art:


Want to make your own shamrock ombre specimen art?
1. Snag some green paint chips in different hues from the paint section of your local home improvement store, {or Walmart where I got mine.} Cut them up by hue. 
2. I originally used a heart punch for the Valentine art but the shamrocks looked too chubby so I simply drew a heart on the back of a chip, cut it out and then in half to make a pattern.  Fold each paint chip in half, trace the half heart 3x’s and cut out: you now have some cute dimensional hearts.  Repeat, repeat, repeat… 😉
3. Start hot glueing hearts in 3’s {forming a shamrock} in rows by hue.  I snagged a few sticks off my tamarack tree to create a stem for my shamrocks and simply glued them in between the 3 hearts.   
4. Frame your art in a cute funky frame and display with your current St. Patrick’s Day decor:

Pictured with our {free} St. Patrick’s subway art, glitter shamrock bannerLUCKY sign & our easy Irish wood block
Do you decorate for Paddy’s Day?

We’ll be linking to these fun parties this week!


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