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DIY pallet art with frame

My husband is a carpenter. He has built some pretty pieces of furniture for our house, (um, we won’t mention the details on his very first coffee table that was soon after donated to Goodwill. LOL!) He has come a long way in our 10 years of marriage and is currently building our dream house, sans contractors. He is amazing!  He took on my challenge to build me pallet art with a barn wood frame like a champ!

When I showed up to our house site over the weekend with a box of 3M materials to use for this project, he gave me The Look happily put the 3M™ Safety Products on and “modeled” for me… well he was just working on building what I had visualized but still, he makes safety glasses look good!

He admitted 3M’s safety glasses were a step up from his old work shades he was wearing and mentioned how comfortable the ear plugs were… I think blocking my chattiness out may have also been a perk! Haha! Anyway, I explained my idea and he immediately got to work. He walked to the back property to our old chicken coops, peeled some old wood off from the siding, and started taking measurements. Our property used to be a chicken farm and the old old old coops have the best aged barn wood from the early 1900’s. It’s almost too pretty to touch… almost! 😉

Our slabs of wood average 4″Tx2.5’W and he used 5 pieces. (We have a thorough tutorial on how to build pallet art for more specific directions plus lots more pallet art ideas: check out our fox pallet arthome is where the heart is pallet art and state pallet art? We definitely need an intervention…) He left the top and bottom pieces as-is but trimmed the in-between slabs so the wood wouldn’t gap too much. He used wood glue + his brad gun to secure everything and I’m telling you, this pallet is stuuuurdy!

To make the frame, Cory cut down a piece of barn wood in 4 even pieces with his table saw then cut all sides of each pieces in a 45 degree angle with his chop saw.

He used wood glue on the ends + his brad gun to make the frame. Caution: I would HIGHLY suggest a router for those of us (like me) who are not as skilled or experienced with a table saw than to run the inside edges through the saw like Cory did. Whichever way you router the inside edges for the frame, it’s now ready for the glass aaaaand this is where I took over. 😉 I brushed a light coat of white acrylic paint on the frame then lightly sanded the edges. I then used thin beads of hot glue on the inside to secure the glass nice and snug to the frame then taped the photo to the back of the frame.

Both Kelli and I are huge fans of ScotchBlue™™ Painter’s Tape; it has a great hold and is very versatile. Once your frame is complete, nail a picture hanger on the back or, if you’re in a small town and don’t have a store close by to run into a snag one, use our pop tab trick. (This house is always stocked with cans of Diet Coke! LOL!) Use a screw or nail to hang the picture directly onto the pallet. Easy peasy!

Building the pallet + frame took way less time than making it pretty! After placing a 3M non-slip drop cloth under the pallet, I sprayed a light coat of Rustoleum’s Heriloom White in satin then lightly sanded the edges with 3M Advanced Abrasives in 80 grit and in between the slabs. From there I used photoshop to design a quote I’ve been wanting to display, “Every day I love you a little bit more” then tried my hand at painting without a vinyl stencil. (I used DecoArt’s acrylic paints Bahama Blue, Warm White, Black and FolkArt Brilliant Pink.)

Hello! That is a bit of work and I discovered there is an art to hand painting I’m sure I have not yet conquered it but it was fun to try!

To fix my little bloopers (and because we’re suckers for anything distressed,) I used the 3M sandpaper in 120 grit. From there I simply hung the picture frame from the pallet. Done and done.

This picture was taken within a few weeks after bringing our son home from out of state, where his sweet birth family placed him in our arms, and the beautiful quote expresses our feelings for him perfectly. 🙂

I need to update the picture for our latest addition, (um, he’s now 18 months!) but in the meantime, I am loving it!

Be sure to check out our other pallet projects…Mr. Fox, State love, Home is Where the Heart is, EAT and we even have a faux deer head pallet tutorial for you. If you want to see more, check out our Pinterest pallet project pins, (say that 5 times fast! Ha!) xoxo


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  1. Holy moly Cory is scaring me with his hand by that blade!!!! You make me wanna go buy an old chicken farm just for the barn wood 😉 Good job sis! (& Cory!)

    1. Haha! That’s why I put the “caution” in RED! 😀 I looove that wood- def a good property investment! xoxox

    1. We don’t! We’ll have to put one together, glad you like it!! (: Just book pages and a little hot glue!

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