Mother’s Day DIY ideas

Since a lot of you are probably like us and are either “naptime-crafters”, “stay-up-all-night-crafters” or the worst kind…”procrastinator-crafters”, this post should suit you beautifully 😉
Introducing some DIY Mother’s Day ideas from our past posts. Hopefully one of these describes that special lady in your life:
the Sentimental mom:
If she prefers crafty, this just may make her smile cry.
[click here for the step-by-step tute]
.  .  .

the Accessorized mom:
The best part? She’ll maximize her wardrobe with the interchangeable feature!
 [click here for the step-by-step tute]


 . . .
the Home Decor Lovin’ mom:
Cheap, easy, big statement.
[click here for the step-by-step tute]
. . .
the Do-It-Herself mom:
The Epic is super easy to use…the gift that keeps on givin!
[click here for the step-by-step tute to make the cute earring card AND info on purchasing this bad boy]
* * *wait***
Still didn’t find a gift for your mom?  
Here are more fun ideas from other creative souls:
the Soda Drinkin’ mom:

Is your mom a Diet-Coke-a-holic?
{oh she is? so that’s where you picked up your habit?! …us too!}
[click here for the step-by-step tute]
. . .
the Fashionista mom
Pretty + affordable = score!
[click here for the step-by-step tute]
. . .
the Pampered mom:
Bath SaltsRecycled yet sophisticated.
[click here for the step-by-step tute]
. . .
the Tired mom:
 Free printable, big hint.
[click here for the freebie]
. . .
Happy Mother’s Day to all your amazing moms from us and our brood of 5 young’ins!

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  1. You have so many great ideas! I love the Diet Coke one, it will be perfect for my mom (except hers has to be Diet Pepsi)

  2. great post! i love all the idea's for the different types of moms out there! i wish there was one for the-mom-that-has-everything-and-gives-you-a-courtesy-smile-when-she-receives-your-gift! ha ha!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions… I know what I"m going to make for my dietcoke mom 😉

    🙂 Jennifer

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