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Christmas Tree Ruffle Pillow

Today we’re introducing a cute Christmas Tree Ruffle Pillow from our pal, Kirsti of KirstiKoo!
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Hi Lolly Jane readers!
I’m excited to show off this festive pillow but even more excited that YOU can make one, too!
Here’s how:
Supplies needed:
(2) 18×23 pieces of dark green fleece
Scraps in 3 different fabrics (red, white, green) for trees and brown for stems
1/4 yard Fusible Web or Wonder-Under
Red tulle
Green ribbon
(click HERE for the template)
 1. Using the template given, cut out 1 large and 2 small Christmas trees from three different fabrics and 1 piece of brown for the stems. Also cut the same out of the fusible web.
2. Iron fusible web to the triangle trees, using the directions given. With the stem piece, iron under 1/4 inch on long sides and cut in thirds (just eyeball this, it doesn’t have to be exact and is kinda fun when the stems are different lengths.)  Fold under one short side 1/4 inch, then slip the unfinished edge of the stem under each tree and iron the trees to the fleece.
3. Sew around each tree and each stem, about 1/4 from the edge to reinforce the fusible web- I like to use contrasting thread colors on the trees!
4. Cut 10 inches from the green ribbon and sew down the middle using the longest stitch you have. Then pull on the bobbin thread to scrunch up the ribbon like this:
Fold under each edge and pin to the red tree. Sew down the middle of the ribbon again, (with your regular stitch length..)
5. Now we’ll do the same thing with the red tulle. Cut a 6X6 square and fold in half long-wise. Sew down the center, using the longest stitch and pull on bobbin threads to get the tulle to ruffle
6. Place near the top of the green tree and sew down the center of the tulle, on top of the previous stitching.
7. Now you are ready to sew the pillow together! With right sides together, sew using a 3/8 seam allowance on all sides, leaving a 4 inch opening to turn fabric and stuff with polyester fiberfill!
And you are ready to place on your comfy couch or give as a wonderful gift to someone you love!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

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