Summer blocks

 We can’t totally claim rights to these fun blocks.  A darling friend, Kristen, from church takes the award for creativity…dontcha just adore the banner on the “S” – it matches the background on the first “M”…such cute details.  Anyway, we provided vinyl for this project at our church craft night and wanted to share the  with you. 
This is a super easy tutorial, even a beginner crafter can handle it as the pics are pretty self-explanitory (:

D-I-Y Summer blocks:


*2×4 piece of wood
*scrapbook paper
*ribbon & twine
*Mod Podge
*vinyl letters
*sticky dots + foam sticky dots

1: Cut 2×4 into 6 blocks, our dimensions are:
    S=5 1/2 ” (tall) x 3 1/4″ (wide), U=4×3 1/4, M=5×3 1/4, M=3 1/2 x3 1/4, E=4 3/4×3 1/4, R=3 1/2x 3 1/4
2: Sand blocks til smooth.
3: Paint the edges/sides *optional!
4: Cut scrapbook paper to size of block, ModPodge onto wood
5: After dry, apply vinyl letters {available in our shop}
6: For “S” banner: cut 3 small circles from scrapbook paper, fold them in half.  Put foam sticky dots on the top edge of wood & push the half circle in place.  Then put sticky dot inside half circle so it stays closed.
7: Finish embellishing with ribbon. 

Viola!~easy seasonal decor for under $10!

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  1. these are so adorable.. but that lemonade stand might possibly be the cutest thing EVER!

  2. the colors are perfect for summer- so nautical. great job!

    mindi @ crafty joy

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