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hand painted arrow sign

Kristi drug this 100 year old piece of barn wood home from her in-progress new build.  She stacked it in my yard so pretty much that means it’s free game right???  I mean, she may still hold a slight grudge when she did the same thing with her hand-me-down-crib-mattress turned bulletin board in my craft room.  Someone should tell her to stop leaving goodies in my yard (: So of course I painted it whilst she was grocery shopping one day…isn’t it cute?  I love this hand painted arrow sign, it’s a fun addition to my entryway and I painted 6 stripes on there to make it custom to the number of peeps who run around here all day.  Well, more like 20 peeps run around here all day so I should say 6 for the number of peeps who regularly sleep here… 

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  • Stain wood with 1 coat of DecoArt gel stain.
  • Free-handing an arrow pattern, use painters tape to create an arrow. 

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  • Lightly white-wash inside arrow stencil with Americana “Snow White” acrylic paint.

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Here’s the fun part, customizing!

  • Using painters tape, create a quick rectangle stencil about 1/4″ wide. 
  • Paint inside preferred color choices, 1 for each member of your family.
  • (I used “Shrimp”, “Blue Lagoon” and “Chick” Americana multi-surface acrylic paints.)

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There you have it!  A fun piece of custom art work for your home.  I adore it, do you??

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The fun washi tape feathers will be posted tomorrow (:

DIY | washi tape feathers, so cute + easy to make!

Please pin so your friends can make one too!

DIY | hand painted arrow sign

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  1. This is adorable and I can’t believe how easy you make it look! Pinning this now! I could make one of these for almost every room in my house!
    I’m so glad you linked this up to the Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop because it’s one of my features for our next party! Please come back and join us again on Sunday night!

  2. it’s nice to see a vinyl cutter-free project sometimes! : – ) very very cute! love the little feather embellishment, too!

  3. so darling – love this project and the colors you utilized. and you didn’t need any special machines or tools or contraptions…just paint, tape, and awesome imagination! love!

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