Halloween bat candy jar

HaLLoWEeN is just around the corner and fall break is here!  Spend some time with your little monsters and create a festive cAnDy bOwL for trickortreaters, love this Halloween bat candy jar:
Easy to make Halloween bat candy jar! Fun for kids!
Font sizeMaTeRiALs nEeDEd:
*planting pot
*styrofoam ball
*1/2 yd. black felt
*black acrylic paint
*white acrylic paint or paint pen
*2- 12″ sparkle pipecleaner stems
*2- googley eyes
*hot glue
*glitter spray
*vinyl lettering
HoW tO:
1. Paint entire planter pot & styrofoam ball black
2. Shape pipecleaner stems into arch
3. Cut the felt in half, then cut triangles out of the bottom {to form bat wings}
4. Hot glue felt onto pipecleaner stems
5. Spray glitter onto felt…oooh, sparkly!
6. Making sure paint is dry, hot glue googley eyes & ears on
Tip: Use 2 of the triangle pieces of felt for ears
7. Add a smile by drawing a line, adding 2 small points for fangs
{optional: for a spooky side effect, cut a small slit for the mouth and glue in a pair of white plastic vampire teeth}
{Body}8. Apply vinyl lettering phrase “Wanna Bite?” in the center of pot
{see sidebar HERE for how-to apply vinyl}
9. Simply hot glue the head to the wings and the wings to the pot
10. Fill with yummy treats and watch them disappear 🙂
HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!

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