Every Cinderella has her Midnight printable art

Did you catch the spring 2012 General YW Broadcast talk by our church leader Thomas S. Monson this weekend? We adore this Every Cinderella has her midnight free printable, hope you do, too.
Here is a free print we whipped up after listening to him speak…
Free Cinderella Printable via Lolly Jane | "Every Cinderella has her midnight"
Can’t you see this print on your young daughters mirror as a reminder to keep curfew?  Our mom {like most} used to remind us that “Nothing good happens after midnight.” 😉


Click on the colors to download your free 8×10 printable: 
Red, Pink, Yellow, Turquoise
We are so excited for general conference this weekend!  In the meantime, check out 29 other Cinderella inspired printables:
30+ FREE Cinderella Inspired Printables

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  1. Stumbling across this a few years later, haha. I love this! Although… that quote doesn’t have much to do with keeping curfew. It would be a shame to share this quote without going through its full and true meaning.

  2. These are awesome! This is being featured today at {Junk in their Trunk}…thanks for linking up!

  3. these are absolutely precious and i thank you soo much for sharing your wonderful gifts. i can't wait to print these for the yw in my ward they will love them xoxo!

  4. Thank you so much for brining that to our attention- I fixed the code and you're now able to pin directly from the button 🙂

  5. Is it just me, or does the Pin it doesn't work, brings me to a all black screen with Pin it on it?

  6. You are so talented! Thank you for sharing these. I am going to use these prints for Girls Camp, our theme is "Princess, Daughter of a Heavenly King." Thank you!!

  7. I didn't get to go to this broadcast…but I love everything about this post! thanks for sharing!
    esp. love the cinderelly printable!

  8. Thank you for creating these! My YW will love them. They stated all of these as some of the favorite quotes of the night as well as Sister Dalton's "Put your shiny on." Thanks again!

  9. i am so excited to print these out for my daughter! Thanks so much for sharing your creativeness with us all!!

  10. I LOVE this! Thanx so much! I just checked out your blog and LOVE it and signed up for emails. So excited! 🙂

  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! My daughter hasn't quit talking about the broadcast. I can't wait to print these and put them in her room. Her favorite part was when Pres. Monson called them instead of terrible teens, TERRIFIC TEENS!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  12. It was a great meeting! I also really liked the "put on your shiny"

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