I took my daughter and 5 friends to see the new Cinderella movie and simply adored it! To celebrate the powerful message the flick shares, we whipped up a free printable for you to enjoy!

"Have Courage and Be Kind" FREE printable |lollyjane.com

“Have Courage and Be Kind” printable |Download HERE

30+ FREE Cinderella Inspired Printables

We’re also sharing 30 other free printables from Cinderella if you prefer other styles or have more fave quotes. Enjoy!


“A Dream is a Wish” printable |Designs by Miss Mandie

“If you keep Believing” printable |Learning Liftoff

“Have Courage and Be Kind” printable |Sandy Toes & Popsicles

“Have Courage and Be Kind” printable |Simple As That

Printable Cinderella quotes |Sippy Cup Mom


 Cinderella Inspired printables |Inspired by Dis

“Have Courage and Be Kind” printable |Child at Heart blog

“Keep Calm” printable |Pixie Sprite

Free Cinderella Printable via Lolly Jane | "Every Cinderella has her midnight"

“Every Cinderella has her Midnight” printable |Lolly Jane

“Have Courage and Be Kind” printable |A Sparkle of Genius

 “Have Courage and Be Kind” printable |Almost Supermom

“Keep Dreaming” printable |Source Unknown

“You must Simply have Courage” printable |Crafty Wife

“Have Courage and Be Kind” printable |R&R Workshop

“Keep Calm” printable |Oh My Fiesta

“Even Miracles” printable |Adoption Mama blog

“Have Courage and Be Kind” printable |Blooming Homestead

“If you Keep Believing” printable |Disney blog

“Where there is Kindness” printable |Source Unknown

“Have Courage and Be Kind” printable |Mom Endeavors

“Never look Back” printable |Indguly



“Cinderella is Proof” printable |The OP Life

“Have Courage and Be Kind” printable |Source Unknown

“Where there is Kindness” printable |Risa Rodil

“A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes” printable |Be Type

“Have Courage and Be Kind” printable |She Leaves a Little Sparkle

“Even Miracles” printable |Indulgy

“With each Dawn” printable |Disney blog

“Always be Kind and Brave” printable |Sweet Life in the Valley

Even Miracles” printable |Disney blog



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