Faux Granite Eggs

After painting my bathroom counter top to look like real granite, I thought I would try the same technique on plastic eggs.  I google’d and pin’d the heck out of “Faux Granite Eggs” and have yet to see one tutorial on them so success: a never-been-done project which is so stinkin’ rare these days, lol!  

Faux Granite Eggs:

What do you think? 
Yea or nay??  

Kristi was skeptical when I told her my idea but, I like them.  They have a natural look to them, like the light, breezy look versus the typical colorful Easter scheme.

Anyway, love it or hate it, here’s my tutorial for faux granite eggs.  And the best part is you need little supplies and probably have everything on hand.
  • Plastic eggs.
  • Acrylic paint: Black, Cream, Tan, Brown, clear glitter.
  • Sponge (scrunched plastic bag will work too)
  • Paint eggs black, let dry.
  • Starting with tan, sponge the egg allover until it’s evenly distributed.
  • Repeat with chocolate and then cream to bring out lighter tones.
  • Sponge on glitter after all 3 colors are dry to give it a true granite look.
Pretty darn easy, right??  I did all 5 of these eggs in-between cooking dinner, maybe an hour total.

Also, here are a couple tips for displaying eggs:
  • Shredded book pages make a great jar fillers for eggs.
  • Unraveled twine or hemp mimics the look of a real nest.


I hope I’ve inspired you to freshen up your old plastic Easter eggs!  And if not, our pal Aimee did a whole week of Easter egg ideas.  PS: if you absolutely think this is lame, I won’t be offended (;  

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  1. Great Idea.As Well As Very glittered post.Nice thought of making wonderful new eggs with useless old eggs.

  2. I am thrilled to see this idea…I tried the chalk board eggs and, though I thought it was cute at first, I couldn't get past the thought of…well…Id rather not use bathroom talk! lol

    This leaves a much better picture in my head!

  3. Lame?? Not at all! I love them! I like the natural-ness (is that a word??) of them! And, kudos for finding the elusive never-been-done craft project 😉

  4. I loved your counter top! I love the jar your eggs are in. Now, you said you wouldn't be offended, I kinda think the eggs look like something a mini-dinosaur might have laid.

  5. I think this idea is FABULOUS!!! You two are always thinking of the best ideas!!! XO, aimee lane

  6. I think this idea is FABULOUS!!! You two are always thinking of the best ideas!!! XO, aimee lane

  7. Those would be a great trick on people. They'd think they were heavy and pick them up to find they're light! Or you could yell catch and see the persons expression =D

  8. So NOT lame!!! So freakin cute! Good job sis… way to create something new for the blogging world!

  9. I actually love them!! Such a different take on the normal Easter egg. And you could totally do lighter colors, or start with a brown base or any base really and I'm sure they'd turn out just as great.

  10. Oooh, I think I'd like this granite look in Tiffany blue. And the shredded paper really caught my eye. Cute.

  11. Yea! I totally like them! They look like those heavy polished stone ones you find sometimes. Very pretty!

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