My sons fun grandma is visiting from out of state and brought them the cutest toys to shoot around that I’ve never seen before, a foam slingshot. My 3 year old especially loves it and when his cousins saw it, requested we make them some, too! We styled ours in a 4th of July theme and a set of foam firecracker slingshots were created:

foam firecracker slingshot tutorial #4thofJuly

Not only is this toy slingshot super fun to make but it was also cheap! You just need a few supplies to create your own: 1 foam tube (pipe insulator, found at most home improvement stores: makes 3 slingshots- cut between 6-8″,) 2 plastic zip ties per slingshot, 1 rubber band per slingshot, ribbon, bakers twine and/or yarn (20″ of 3-4 different colors) and red/white/blue acrylic paint.

DIY foam firecracker slingshot

  1. Paint the black foam tubes red, white or blue: 3 coats will cover the black. Optional: paint pattern at this point as well.
  2. Cut ribbon.
  3. Fold ribbon in half and tie onto 1 full size zip tie.
  4. Attach rubber band to zie tie.
  5. Foam tubes are pre-cut so easily insert rubber band/zip tie/ribbon into the tube, with rubber band poking out from one side and ribbon hanging out the other.
  6. Use 2nd zip tie and secure. Pull TIGHT until it will not click anymore. Trim excessive zip tie.

Foam firecracker slingshot #kidscraft

That’s it! Get your fingers ready for a firecracker slingshot war now!

Foam firecracker slingshot toy

This was a fun craft to make with Kelli’s littles and they sure enjoyed posing for the pictures, aka: testing out their slingshots (;

Foam firecracker slingshot toy

Keep in mind the paint will come off with water so steer clear of water parties IF you paint the outside. They are also super cute with black foam + camo yarn colors (as what my boys received) and those are water party ready! (;
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