Faux chalkboard Christmas ornament tags

We love how the chalkboard trend has seeped into the holidays. We jumped on board of the chalkboard train, ornament style with our faux chalkboard ornament tags:

Making these cute Christmas tags were a snap! We snagged a set from the fun Orange Blossom girls and used classic Christmas colors of acrylic paint paired with bakers twine.

Here’s where the faux part comes in… instead of using chalk (which can be a bit messy with fine details) we used a DecoArt glass marker in white + a black dry-erase marker. Looks just like chalk but way easier to work with. 😉

Just paint your tags, write some fun Christmasy words, tie the bakers twine on and hang on the tree. Easy peasy!

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  1. Do you mind if I use the chalkboard ornaments for a post in my blog. I will give you credit and link back to your blog. They are really cute.

    http://www.stellalighting.com Hit the toggle Stella Studio. I am the creative side of our lighting company. I try to add new posts every week and I am currently working on posts of easy Christmas ornaments that even children will be able to do successfully.

    I love this idea. Thanks for considering. Mary Jean

    1. Hahah Cheryl! I doubt that! Plus, it’s chalkboard so you can always erase it and try again. 😉 xo

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