Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Stumped how to decorate your Christmas tree? Take the guesswork out with these handy ideas!

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Don’t fret over how to decorate the Christmas tree! Instead, check out at these simple ideas and tips to get the perfect look, each time!

Tips on how to trim the tree

What does “trim the tree: mean anyway? Okay you got me: I googled it and it states it’s anything used or that is implemented to decorate or complete the trimmings of a Christmas tree.

Tips for how to decorate a Christmas tree... love this simple Scandinavian style tree!
  1. Lighting! If your tree is real or not pre-lit, string lights.
  2. It’s all about the base, (name that tune!) Instead of a traditional tree skirt, opt for a tree collar.
  3. Next, garland. Totally optional but I feel like it sets the tone, or the theme, for the tree.
  4. Tie ribbon on the end of the branches.
  5. Add largest ornaments first and tuck into branch gaps.
  6. Fill in with smaller ornaments.
  7. Rearrange 1M times before it’s “just right.” I kid, I kid. That’s just me! 😉
Scandinavian style Christmas tree decor. Trimming the tree doesn't need to cost a lot or take a ton of time, check out our easy tips!

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