Easy Navajo Taco Recipe

I always tease my husband one of the reasons I married him was for his mom’s Navajo tacos. Hers are the perfect texture of a crisp outside and a soft inside. Since I have 3 kids under the age of 5, I don’t have much time to knead and wait for her yummy dough to rise so I instead took Kelli’s mother-in-law’s simple alternative of using Rhodes Rolls and modified them with what I had on hand in my fridge: a can of butter infused biscuits. These aren’t Deanna’s tacos but they are a pretty darn good knock off as my husband scarfed down 4 of them in one sitting! 

Quick and Easy Beef Navajo Tacos

Here’s the easiest (and fastest!) Navajo Taco recipe you’ll ever make:



  1. Open can of biscuits and set out for a few minutes until soft.
  2. Turn on pan of olive oil to medium heat.
  3. Flatten biscuits and stretch them out a bit.
  4. Drop biscuits onto warm pan and fry until light brown, flip.
  5. Top with warmed HORMEL® Taco Meats Beef Crumbles and favorite toppings.

Quick and Easy Beef Navajo Tacos

These Beef Crumbles are seriously the best! I can just toss a bag in the grocery cart to make for a quick dinner for my family. Just heat and serve. Bam. Done and done.

Quick and Easy Beef Navajo TacosMy favorite part of this cute bag is that they meat comes seasoned. Say what?! I know. Mom win, right?! Right.
Quick and Easy Beef Navajo Tacos

The Crumbles are fab topped on any Mexican dish but these tacos are the way to go. Trust us. 😉

Quick and Easy Beef Navajo Tacos

Check out the trending hashtag #TacoGoals to see more easy recipes that cut your cooking time in half! Can’t wait to share a HORMEL® Shredded Chicken recipe with you… stay tuned!

Quick and Easy Beef Navajo Tacos

You know we’re suckers for tacos… check out our latest taco decor that makes us giggle!



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