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Easy 3D Book Page Heart

It’s about time we get our love holiday decor on!  Introducing a super simple paper craft that you can use for Valentine’s Day or year round we’re calling Easy 3D Book Page Heart:

Here’s a quick tutorial so you can make your own.


  • Book Pages
  • Epic 6 + Sweetheart Shape Dies
  • (If you don’t own this fun gadget, cut by hand)
  • Glue (we prefer Elmers)
  • Bakers Twine
  • Beads (optional)

  • Cut out hearts.
  • Fold 2 hearts in half with the edges pointing toward you.
  • Fold the 3rd hearts with the edges pointing away from you.
  • Glue the first 2 hearts together.
  • Lay bakers twine along the middle of the 2 glued hearts.
  • Glue the 3rd heart to the first two, also securing the twine in place.
  • *Optional: Knot a bead at the end of the twine for added bling.
See how easy that was?

You can use them as ornaments, jar fillers, garlands, wreaths, etc.

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  1. Very pretty, Kell- love how this craft is FREE 🙂 And the bakers twine is just cute paired with the pages!

  2. CUTE!! By the way, I emailed Lifestyle Crafts to get in on the goodness but haven't heard back from them! UGH!! I NEED those punches!!!

    Love you!

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