DIY Diet Coke drinkable necklace

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you all had a fab Easter weekend!! If you saw our IG’s (Kelli + Kristi) you know that we were lucky to spend it with our little families. We are grateful for our Savior and to have spent a day remembering the Atonement and His resurrection. We are blessed!

To kick off April right, we have another fresh tutorial here on Lolly Jane… a DIY Diet Coke necklace that you can drink from AND it’s cute!  Read on for the full tute (;

Diet Coke necklace | www.lollyjane.com

To get started you’ll need just a few supplies:

An aluminum Diet Coke bottle, screw eye hook, pliers, small frame (found in the dollar bins at Michaels,) free Diet Coke printable, 18″ ball chain and just because we’re a bit girly, a few pieces of bling to tie the necklace together.

How to make a Diet Coke necklace | www.lollyjane.com
1. Use your pliers to screw the eye hook into the Diet Coke cap. 2. Hot glue a necklace clamp onto the back of your picture frame. Then just string the ball chain  through the picture frame and eye hook on the Diet Coke bottle. Viola!  Your very own Diet Coke necklace:
Diet Coke necklace | www.lollyjane.com
My very fav thing about this fun necklace is that you can just swap out Diet Coke bottles once it’s empty (leave the bottle cap on the chain) and you ALWAYS have a refreshing beverage on the go, hands-free! No cup holder required (; Brilliant, right?!
Um, no. Totally weird, you guys!
Diet Coke necklace | April Fool's joke from www.lollyjane.com
Did you remember that today is April 1st? Happy April Fool’s Day, y’all! Bwahahahaha! Check out our April Fool’s Day nest headband from 2011. No go play some tricks on your friends! Hee hee.

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  1. Hahaha. Oh, you cute girls! You had me for a minute. I thought your diet coke love had finally gotten the best of you :).

  2. You girls are darling! We pulled one over on our readers today, too! Great minds think alike. I LOVE that you seriously looked CUTE rockin’ that pop bottle! LOL

  3. That’s so funny!!! I was wondering what possessed you to make that necklace. Funny!!

  4. Kristi, this is too much! I actually am a Diet Coke fanatic and am sitting how trying to figure out how I can actually wear one of these at work….ha! I kind of think no one at my office would think twice, so that says, something, right? Happy April Fool’s day and this was an awesome post!

  5. OHmyGAWSH! This is too funny, girls! At first I was like “That’s not actually a bad idea…” Ha! Hopefully Diet Coke will pick this idea up and you’ll be jillionaires 😉 Happy AF Day! LOL

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