Happy 31st birthday from your family + friends!


Please don’t hate us for hijacking your blog! You have many friends, family and admirers and we all wanted to wish you both a happy 31st birthday! I’m grateful to have you both as sisters and best friends. We have been through so many things and have so many memories together. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family…especially my sisters! (move back Ker!) Not many families have what we have and I’m grateful everyday for it. Thanks for putting up with me and for all your love and support to my little family! Family is forever and I’m glad you in mine! 🙂 Love you guys and hope you have the happiest of birthdays!


Happy birthday Krusty and Kelbel! I can’t believe y’all are THIRTY ONE. How is this even possible? Thanks for being good little sisters and letting me still boss you around! I love being your LJ “manager” and look forward to seeing how far you go this upcoming year with LJ. You are both very talented.  Hope you have a very special day! Love ya forever…

Sandee (Todd & kiddos)

To Kristi and Kelli, We found out that there were two of you in October, two months before you were born. Nana and Poppy were on a mission in Chili.  We sent a telegram to them (no email in those days) and said:  “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, We’re not having one baby, But TWO!”  We didn’t put a signature on the telegram though… On purpose.  They had no idea which of their kids were expecting twins.  But the next day, we sent a second telegram identifying ourselves.  Poppy always loved a good joke!

Needless, to say, you had to have a sense of humor to raise the two of you!  Seriously, though, you girls bring such joy to the entire family.  It’s double everything, but especially double the fun!

Have an awesome day.

Love, MOM

Sugar and spice and everything twice. Never knew would be twice is spicy. Best wishes to two of my favorites on your #31! 


 Happy Birthday to my Tazmanian Devil sisters, Kristi Jane & Kelli June!  Quick story:  when the twins were about the age shown in the above picture (4-ish), one of the Carpenter girls (Kim or Becky) who lived across the street were babysitting them.  Kristi and Kelli (in their typical double-trouble style) locked the babysitter out of the house and then got into the utility sink in the laundry room where they stripped their clothes and turned on the water.  As the babysitter pleaded with them through the window to let them in, Kristi and Kelli danced in the sink and maniacally laughed at her as the water began to overflow and flood the house.  The babysitter ran home and got her dad who broke the window to put a stop to their fun.   Who would have ever thought that these two hellraisers would one day marry superb men, have beautiful children and become refined, creative and talented specimens of womanhood?!?  Not me. 

I love you Kristi & Kelli!  Happy Birthday!!  Love your #1 brother, John.

“Double your pleasure, double your fun!” You twins are like Wrigley’s doublemint gum! Life is always action packed and full of laughs with you around. I am so blessed to have you both as sissies!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Love, Traci

To my favorite twin sisters, Happy 31st birthday!! Boom chicka boom you guys are OLD. Whhaaat not as old as our other sisters though. Ha! Dang guys we are like all adults now and you two have kids and Kel, you have an almost tween. When did this happen? I feel like we should be in the kitchen opening up the cabinets to make rooms out of them. Or you should be sneaking me to the Warped Tour or a Blink 182 concert or something. Now you guys are in your early 30’s and that is just weird. You guys are my favorite and I miss you both every day.  Happy happy birthday!! I love you guys.

Love, your baby sis

Happy birthday!  

Love Chris

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sistahs!!!!  Hope your day is great!

Love you, Jen

Hey Kristi, Happy Birthday. Tell Kelli that too.

From Dave

Kristi and Kelli, Words can not express how proud I am of the two of you. You have come a long way from 16 and have turned into beautiful, loving, hardworking, capable and dedicated mothers, wives, friends, and sisters. I knew you would do something amazing with all the energy yout wo had:) I hope you have a wonderful birthday and an amazing year of good fortune. I love you both (said with tears:) 


Happy birthday, girls! Keep up the great work!

Cory Maurice Dew

Happy Birthday Girls! Hope your family’s spoil you and you have a great day! Make your hubby take you shopping and then eat some chocolate for me 🙂 love ya!


Happy birthday to two great sisters who are even better friends.

Love, Mike

Kelli is a strong, independent and creative soul.  Having Kelli in our family is a blessing.  Thank you Kelli for being such a great mother to my grandchildren and for your example of righteousness.  We all appreciate the support you give to our family.  I love you Kelli and want to wish you the happiest of birthday’s ever!

Love, Lynda

Hey Kristi, You are a great sister of a daughter in law!   You Rock!  I love you tons!

(Bob says he stinks at stuff like this so…)
Happy Birthday Kelli! You have been a great addition to our family.
Love, Bob

Happy 31st Birthday, you crafty chicas!  I only wish I had 1/8th of your talents–no I don’t, because then I would still be comparing myself to you and coming up short, so I’ll be content to be a “craft geek” with your Mom–and proud of it!  (We have other talents………)
Seriously, you two are SOOOO amazing, and SOOOO sweet–what a rare combination!
We are all blessed to have you in our wonderful Payne family, and want you to know of our love for you both.

Hugs from Auntie C.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy To YoU ! HaPpY BiRtHdAy To YoU ! HaPpY BiRtHdAy KrIsTi & KeLLi !!!! HaPpY BiRtHdAy To YoU !!!!!! 🙂 🙂 <3 <3  LoVe YoU BoTh ThE MoStA !!!!!  Have a great, awesome, spectacular, wonderful, amazing, fantastic, exciting, incredible, dazzling, marvelous, fabulous, fun-filled day !!!! 😛

Aunt Mary 🙂

Happy birthday to the best sister in law ever and the best sister to that sister in law! You two are the most kind hearted loving people and I love you to death! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Love, Denise, AJ, And Presley (and unborn child)

Happy Birthday to my fav twin cousins! U girls are like sisters to me. U make the world brighter & I’m happy to call u my family! Much love,

Ashley Mascorro

Love my famous twin Payne sisters! 

Jason Payne

Happy birthday my beautiful cousins! I love you both mucho and miss seeing you and the kids. You two are the most talented girls together. You play off each others “twin” vibe, really jealous of that btw. 🙂 I hope you have a phenomenal bday. I wish I could be with you to celebrate this year, cause if it was anything like last years, you’re gonna have a blast! Love you both! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Monica (your fav cousin, just in case you didn’t know! 🙂

Hey Girls, Happy Birthday!! You guys are so amazing! Keep it up! Love ya,
Amber Durfee

What can I say… I love you girls!!! So many years and so many memories we have with you two. We feel so blessed to know you girls! Wishing you the best birthday full of food, laughter, family, and crafting! xoxo

Mel & Ty wooden

Where to begin: Kristi and Kelli, you twins are amazingly crafty, fun, adorable, always there to listen, true friends, great mothers, wives, a joy to be around, always laughter when you guys are involved and so much more! You two truly have been amazing friends to me and I am blessed everyday to have you guys in my life. WE have so many great, crazy and fun memories from living together. And for all of this I am grateful and love you girls. I hope you two have a fabulous day. Love you HAPPY HAPPY Birthday.

Love,  JoDell

Happy birthday twinners! Love you both to death.


Happy birthday twinnies!!!! Love seeing all your blogs! Miss seeing yooou girls as well!!! Hope you enjoy your special day!!!!

Paige Clement

Happy birthday to Kristi and Kelli! Love you girls!

Nicole Mortensen

I feel lucky to say I got to grow up with both of you! I can not believe I have known ya’ll for 22 years!!! Seriously, feel free to start showing signs of age anytime!
You are each freakin fantastic in your own ridiculously cool way. Your ability to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary is a gift to us all…to have two of you contributing your talents, just makes it twice as beautiful! Hoping both of you have fabulous birthdays with many more to come! Love ya both! Happy Birthday Hugs,


BIRTHDAYS are a lot like BOOGERS. The more you have the harder it is to breathe 🙂  Happy birthday friends!!! I love your guts and I hope you have a fabulous day!!!  You deserve it more than anyone <3

Liz Allen

You both are so Fun and Creative! You inspire me to do some bold, crafty things. I hope you have a Wonderful Birthday 🙂
(PS speaking from experience, give your mom and extra BIG hug today for giving birth to 2! Oh and raising you wild things… Love ya <3

Connie K Nelson

Happy Birthday to the coolest, craftiest, and craziest twins I know. Thank you for being such awesome women. And for sharing your creativity with all of us!

Robyn Bingham

Happy happy birthday to our dear cousins! We remember with fondness our early years with you, playing in the pool. Many, many more…..

Love, Janet and Gene

Happy birthday Kelli and Kristi!  You guys are so much fun. I love having you girls as cousins. Thanks for all your help with all of my crafting in competencies.

Becky Payne

Happy Birthday, Kristi and Kelli!! Miss living close to you guys. Love your blog. 

Love, Feather (Heather Lee)

Hello again! Happy Birthday to you both! It seems like not that long ago, we were kicking up dust on Fairview Lane, playing no bears are out tonight, and every other shenanigan we could think of! Emily and I wish you the happiest of birthdays, and hope that you have many, many more opportunities to reflect on the crazy big pile of blessings that accumulates as we go through life! Whether or not you end up trying all 31 flavors at Baskin Robin’s, we hope you find a great way to celebrate (as my Dad would say) “31 trips around the sun”!

All the best, Alan and Emily Taylor

Happy birthday ladies! I have so many happy memories of our two families growing up on Fairview. Seeing the posts of you guys and your sibs on Facebook always makes me smile.

Love, Amy Carpenter Null

To the coolest twins I know, I followed you two and my sister around as a child, annoying, tattling and ruining plans. You would play funny harmless jokes on Kerry and I, but all the time I was looking up to you guys.  I hope your birthday is filled with friendship, laughter and love.  Happy Birthday!
Elizabeth Wright

Kristi & Kelli- I think you both rock. Seriously, I enjoy you each individually and collectively. You bless all those you come in contact with, you are creative, cheerful, realistic, silly, spunky, amazing gals. I think you are a perfect combination of the good in Harold and Barbara 🙂
Happy happy birthday. So glad you were both born!
Crystal Bowman

Happiest Birthday to the craftiest twins EVER!

Heather Prince

Kelli & Kristi!!

Happy Birthday my Lil’ Lolly Twins!!! I hope you guys have the most AWESOME-EST, SUPER DUPER day in the world, because let’s face it – you guys deserve it!! Wishing you a fun-filled day of Diet Coke, Chocolate, Cute Home Decor, and everything else your heart desires!

Love you girls!

XO – Kristyn Lil’ Luna

Happy Birthday to the cutest, funnest, most creative twinners I ever did meet. So glad to have met you 2 through blogging. If you’re ever in need of a 3rd twin (errr…triplets!), I’d be the first to apply 😉

Love you girls! Kara Mine for the Making

Tell those Lolly Jane Girls “Happiest Birthday! Hope Your  Day is the Best EVER! 

Love, Kristy The Diary of Daves Wife 

~*~To my sweet sweet friends… I am so glad you were born today {31 years ago} and I am sure you are glad I was born too 😉 thanks for the amazing support and friendship, you seem to always know when I need you and you’re encouraging words!

I love social media and the ways it can turn strangers into lifelong friends! Sure love you two!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!~*~
Andrea Robertson {Queen B}

Happy Birthday to the world’s most FUN twins Kelli and Kristi!! I am so blessed to be able to call you both my friends! I met you through your amazing Lolly Jane blog and will forever cherish the friendship that we now have because of that! I hope you have an amazing birthday!! I love you both TONS!  xoxo!!

Marni Sassy Sites

To the most creative twins I’ve ever (kinda) known… hope you have a fabulous birthday! 

Kirsti Kirsti Koo

Kristi & Kelli!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you girls have the best day ever! I’m so glad we’ve became good friends through this crazy world of blogging. You girls are so awesome and CRAZY talented! Love you to pieces! 

XO – Jamielyn Nye I {heart} Naptime

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  1. Happy Birthday, Kristi and Kelli!!! I never would have guessed you guys would be doing what you’re doing now based on grade school through graduation! Lol You both have such beautiful children and adorable homes. Love your blog! Hope today is extra special for you both! 🙂
    Melissa Cresap

  2. Wishing you both a very Happy Birthday today! Being 31 is even better than turning 30! You both a great inspiration to so many ladies, and that is special. You are both HILARIOUS and having people like you both around makes life way more fun! Now…it’s your freakin’ Birthday – Go eat crazy amounts of cake, cupcakes, sugar, drink crazy amounts of Diet Coke, and get silly! Happy Birthday ladies! P.S. Hope you get some crazy awesome presents today too! ;D

  3. I love that yall were hijacked :o) What a fabulous idea :o) Hope you both have a great birthday!!

  4. THANK YOU everyone!!!!!!! We are SO blessed to have you all in our lives. Thank you thank you thank you x31 🙂


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