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What time is it Mr Fox?

My cute cousin is having a baby boy and decorating his room in browns and oranges with a fox theme.  Um, cute.  So the morning of  her shower, I had about an hour to whip something up or load up 4 kids to buy a store bought gift.  I scrounged around for what was on hand and came up with this stinkin cute fox pallet art.  I scored this house siding free from a friend and turned into easy decor perfect for her little man.

DIY fox pallet art!

To make your own, grab pallets or wood pieces, or even roof shingles!  Shim the back or find random roof siding like I used.  It’s got great texture and adds rustic charm to his nursery.  The only other thing you need is a fox outline to freehand or input into your vinyl cutter program and some paint and stain!

Here is the fox download.  It’s not our work!-we just google image’d it and this came up (:

Cute fox clipart!

We then turned it into a .jpg so we could crop pieces out…just right click ‘n save!

I took off all the girly parts since this is for a boy!  Mama to be loved it!  Now her little bundle needs to arrive…

Happy labor, Nan! Here comes the hard part (;

Easy fox pallet art!

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  1. that is adorable! I tried getting the free fox download from the Pinterest site but can’t find it. 🙁 can you email it to me? am getting the baby’s nursery together and this would be perfect in there! also, do you have step by step tutorial for your staining and stencil transfer, etc. or is it just the pictures? thanks again.

  2. Ok, so I know you said you google image’d it but where can I find this template?! I neeeeeeeeed it!!! Please and thank you!

  3. Hello! I love love love your project. I totally love foxes and want to get this image. I unfortunately cannot download the image from your website… Do you have the image save in .png or .jpg you could email me? Or what was the of the search you did when you google imaged it? Hope to hear from you soon… [email protected]

  4. Hi Kelli! I love this cute little fox sign. I am pinning it now and I wanted to let you know I will be featuring it on Silhouette School in the next few days. I’ll shoot you the link once it’s live and of course I’ll be promoting on all my social media! Great tutorial and super cute project! xox Melissa

  5. Hi Kelli:
    What a great website! I just came across it through Pinterest. You have a ton of great ideas. 🙂 This fox artwork is adorable!

  6. I’ve been meaning to stop over since I first saw your sign and tell you how very adorable I think it is! It really is the cutest thing and I love how it looks against that yellow clock. Wowsa!

  7. This is completely adorable! I’m so into foxes right now and would love doing my son’s room with them. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  8. Absolutely adorable!! What a wonderful gift!! It’s going to look great in the nursery!! Love it!!

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