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Acrylic Scroll Wood Hanging tutorial

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This  DIY Acrylic Wood Scroll tutorial is sponsored by Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018. All opinions, as always, are our very own.

Have a great photo but the background isn’t so great? Is someone’s eyes closed or not smiling? We’ll teach you 2 easy tricks to easily fix that in no time, thanks to Photoshop Elements 2018!

DIY Wood Scroll Wall Hanging | Love this easy to make scroll wall hanging!!

diy acrylic wood scroll – photoshop elements 2018

Behind every blogger’s flawless photos is a great editing software program. To get crisp pictures that help enhance our images (or hide dust bunnies under that DIY chair we just built, haha!) we rely on Photoshop Elements. Besides brightening images and fixing blemishes, Photoshop Elements 2018 has some EASY features that have blown my mind… and have me giddy to take even more pictures in the moment. It helps me not to stress about “perfect backgrounds” as I can fix that (or a silly face or closed eyes… ahem 6-year old child of mine!) in just a few steps! Mom win. And I got it all fancied up in our newest DIY Acrylic Wood Scroll Wall Hanging so it’s a house win, too!
Love this easy to make diy acrylic scroll wall hanging. Such a fun way to display pictures! Love the use of plexiglass + wood, cute wall decor! #diy #shiplap #woodscroll #walldecor #pictureframetutorial

Photoshop Elements is a total game changer for my editing and I can’t wait to share with you how this…

Awesome Photoshop Elements 18 tutorial on Background Replace and Photomerge! Love the after, click to see!

…turned into this…

Love the trending shiplap background for this family pic! Get this look with a few quick steps in PSE 18, awesome tutorial!

and now… this!

diy acrylic wood scroll - How to make a wood scroll, such a fun wood scroll tutorial! Cute family picture wall decor idea! #diy #shiplap #woodscroll #walldecor #pictureframetutorial

Before I get to the scroll DIY, I want to share these easy-to-do edits in Photoshop Elements 2018.


  1. Open your photo in Photoshop Elements 2018.
  2. Click the “Guided” tab, then select “Special Edits” and you will see “Replace Background” in the corner, click that.
  3. Use the Auto Selection tool around the part of your photo you want to keep and you’ll see those cute marching ants ready to work.
  4. You can either use PSE 2018’s presets or upload your own image to use as the background.
  5. It’s all about the details so use the Refine Edge Brush to either Add (bring back the original image that the marching ants could have missed) or Subtract (this erases what the Auto Selection tool pulled over and your background will appear.) Be sure to use the sizing tool to get inside all those cracks (between legs, under arms, etc.) to really make your background look legit.
  6. That’s it! Super easy to do and in just a few minutes you have completely transformed your photo!

If you have a few images to choose from and you like your facial expression better on one, but your son’s eyes are actually opened on the other, then don’t fret! You can simply “face swap” and merge the 2 photos into one. It’s like magic!


Click the “Guided” tab, then select “Photomerge” and you will see “Photomerge Group Shot”, click that.
Select your “source” photo (this is the one you will want to pull specific faces over to be on the final image) then drag your base image to the right.
Use the Pencil tool and highlight the face or person you want to be pulled over.
That’s it! PSE 2018 does all the work for you! If you pulled too much over, then use the Eraser tool to tidy up the image.

Love the trending shiplap background for this family pic! Get this look with a few quick steps in PSE 18, awesome tutorial!

You can get your own FREE trial of Photoshop Elements 2018 HERE if you would like to play with these edits.

Now, onto the craft tutorial! I am always moving things around and loved the idea of our fabric wall hanging, but thought it would be great to fill it with our latest family photo and be able to update it each year so viola! Our updated wooden/acrylic wall hanging scroll was born.

DIY Acrylic Wood Scroll 

diy acrylic wood scroll - How to make a wood scroll wall hanging. Such a cute way to display pictures! Easy DIY wall decor! #diy #shiplap #woodscroll #walldecor #pictureframetutorial

Supplies needed to create a DIY acrylic wood scroll:

  • (2) 2″ x 16″ sized wood pieces
  • Plexiglass cut to 14″ x 14″
  • Hot glue (or Gorilla Glue)
  • Acrylic paint + foam brush
  • Glue dots
  • 8×10 photo

How to create a wood hanging scroll:

  1. Cut wood + plexiglass to size.
  2. Paint wood.
  3. Glue wood directly to acrylic.
  4. Use glue dots to attach picture to acrylic.
  5. Wrap twine around top pieces of wood to hang.

diy acrylic wood scroll - to make a wood scroll hanging. Such a cute way to display family pictures! Love this easy to make wall decor! #diy #shiplap #woodscroll #walldecor #pictureframetutorial

Last 4th of July, we spent the morning at our community park with games and face painting, balloon making, and more. When my husband snapped this picture he didn’t wait until another family was walking by and caught their son on camera picking his nose… and now it is in my shot forever. OR SO I THOUGHT! I simply uploaded a festive background and ta-da! Fixed.

And, I was able to use the Group Photomerge Guided Edit to fix my wiggly 1-year old’s face to be looking up and not down. Whoo hoo! Dare I say, picture perfect? Yes, yes I do. 😉

diy acrylic wood scroll - this background, so easy to make in Photshop Elements 18! Awesome edit to fix an ugly background... click to see the before, wow. What an incredible difference!

Would you like to try Photoshop Elements 2018 for free? You can get your own trial here. We would love to see your own images with new backgrounds, perfectly-merged photos to finally get everyone with their eyes opened and smiling, OR just tell us your favorite edits!


Please pin so your friend’s can implement this easy tip too! PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS:

How to replace the background in Photoshop Elements. Easy to follow photoshop tip to replace the background in a family picture. #photoshoptip #phototip #editingtip #ad @adobe

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Holy Smokes!! This acrylic wall hanging tutorial is so easy!! Would look so cute in a grouping to display family pictures!! Love this easy to follow diy wood scroll wall hanging idea!! @adobe #walldecor #ad #familypictures #gallerywall #homedecor

Acrylic Scroll Wood Hanging Tutorial


  • 2 2″ x 16″ sized Wood Pieces
  • Plexiglass Cut to 14″ x 14″
  • Hot Glue or Gorilla Glue
  • Acrylic Paint + Foam Brush
  • Glue Dots
  • 8×10 Photo


  • Cut wood + plexiglass to size.
  • Paint wood.
  • Glue wood directly to acrylic.
  • Use glue dots to attach picture to acrylic.
  • Wrap twine around top pieces of wood to hang.

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  1. Best tutorial EVER on this!! I actually think I’m going to give photoshop a try. You made it seem less scary to me.

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