Decorating with Cotton

If this image is familiar to you, you might be a “Cotton Brother” child!  Our dad is an agronomist aka a soil scientist.  He knows everything there is to know about things that grow from the ground.  He’s been a consultant all across AZ, CO, NV and CA.  He’s highly sought at during water right court cases and we often went with him to work, since his work consisted of driving back dirt roads sipping his Mountain Dew and snacking on handfuls of peanuts.

We have a deep love of cotton because of the sweet memories of our dad.  The best story that is now a classic in our family is my dad’s big April Fools joke on our mom.  When we were just 4 months old, my mom woke up to her twins MISSING.  Instead of relaxing (we’re number 6 and 7 in our family of now 9 kiddos) she freaked out.  In our place was a note from our jokester father, he sent her on a day long SCAVENGER hunt to find us!!  Ah hahah!! So funny! He said he just set us on the floor of his truck and we slept all day, the rumblings of the dirt road keeping us asleep.

We saw the adorable wreath from the talented Handmade Home (second one down) and it inspired us to create this adorable roundup.  Natural decor is so fun to decorate with and cotton is simply pretty!  We’re loving all these decorating with cotton ideas and hop you do too!Decorating with cotton #homedecor #cotton

Primitive Grapevine Wreath with Cotton |Florals from Home

Primitive Front Door Wreath, Primitive Cotton on Twigs, Primitive Vine, Natural Burlap, Great for Country Decor -- FREE SHIPPING

Cotton Wreath |The Handmade Home


Cotton, Cheesecloth and Clothespin Curtains |Olive & Nutmeg

DIY Raw Cotton Ball Bouts |Head Over Heels

Cotton Boll Bouquet |Tall Cotton n Peas

Cotton Boll Bridal Bouquet - Natural Cotton - Raw Cotton - Cotton Bolls - Wedding - Bride - Bridesmaid - Billy Balls - Harvest

Cotton Centerpiece |Bump Smitten

Cotton Bur Luminary |Tall Cotton n Peas

Cotton Bur Luminary - Raw Cotton - Natural Cotton Bur - Vintage - Wedding - Christmas - Holiday - Home Decor - Centerpiece

Cotton Photography |Musing Tree Studios

Teal Natural Cotton Plant Macro Fine Art Photography 8 x 10 Print

Cotton Boutonniere |Weddingomania

Cotton Bur Wreath |Tall Cotton n Pease

Cotton Bur Wreath - Natural Cotton Bur - Raw Cotton - Candle Ring - Home Decor - Wedding - Centerpiece - 8"

Cotton Bouquet |Cotton Man

Mix & Match Cotton+Flower Centerpieces |Southern Weddings

Cotton Garlands |dead link on Pinterest 🙁

Nature Inspired Tablescape |Ador

Rustic Thanksgiving Table Setting

Raw Cotton Christmas |Sweet Peach

Did you know you spell cotton BOLL when referring to raw cotton? Not to be confused with man made cotton BALLS that we use for removing nail polish, etc.  Interesting.  Check out our many tutorials and easy home decor ideas too.  And rock on, Cotton Brothers!  So proud to be the daughters of a FARMER!

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas! My son is learning about and growing cotton. (Stunning plant!) We don’t have a gin or wheel so I was trying to find some ideas of what he could do with the bolls, something he could keep to remember this awesome experience. We have definitely found some ideas now! Thanks again!

  2. Beautiful, fantastic ideas, love it all. I have seen a cotton field only once in my life. I’m North Carolina on our way to the Outer Banks. There was cotton blowing all over the road like snow in July. I haven’t started decorating/crafting with cotton branches and wreaths yet, but I have to pick up what I need on my next trip to Hobby Lobby. Love your clever ideas!

  3. Wow, I have never seen a cotton field in person but I bet it is beautiful!

    PS. the blog conference I’m going to is in Philadelphia……maybe someday I will get to meet you ladies 🙂

  4. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for writing about cotton. My family are 4th generation cotton and peanut farmers in Alabama. The boys (my brothers) even have a cotton gin so thanks again for the cotton promotion.

  5. These are all simply stunning! I would never have thought of using cotton in this way but I love and now I want to do this!!! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! 🙂

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