Halloween burlap banner

We are gearin’ up for Halloween around here and the holiday mantel {er, shelf} is nearly complete… this year it’s clean & simple, thanks to Kelli’s board & batten:
You know what? 
This is probably our last Halloween tutorial for the season!  Let’s go out with a bang, shall we? Two tutorials in one day, perhaps? 
Be sure to tell those absolutely darling Shanty sisters hello from us as you check out our project. Those girls are SO inspirational and we are thrilled to take over for them for a day!
To create the burlap BOO banner, though, read on!
We made this easy peasy project using:
  • Black burlap triangles (between 6-8″) 
  • Orange cardstock cut into (6) 1.5″x11″ strips
  • (6) 1″ punched circles: 3 printed, 3 white
  • B O O cut from our Letterpress Be Splendid dies
  • Hot glue/hot glue stick
  • Scraps of black tulle or ribbon
To make this cute banner simply:
1. Fold each strip of cardstock into an accordion pinwheel
2. Glue 2 folded strips together to form circle; secure with white punched circle & hot glue
3. Flip accordion pinwheel over and hot glue the printed punched circle in the center
4. Add dab of hot glue and scrap of tulle and center on top of printed punched circle
5. Add the letters B O O to each accordion pinwheel on top of the tulle
And then:
6. Hole punch each top corner of the burlap triangle
7. Tie piece of tulle or ribbon through each hole to secure banner together
8. Hot glue accordion pinwheels in B O O order onto the black burlap 😉
That’s it. Simple
 I’m sure everyone and their mother mummy {get it? Ha ha} know how to make a burlap banner & paper accordion pinwheels by now but we just had to share because we  how it turned out:
And yes that is Kel’s cute fam all decked out in Halloween disguises… 
…gotta love vinyl lettering that she can peel off at the end of the spooky holiday 😉
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Burlap Halloween bunting tutorial. Love this BOO bunting, cute Halloween decor!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh, your picture!!! Seriously made me laugh out loud. The mantle is so cute! I checked out your guest post, those bird houses are awesome! I SOOO wish we had some sort of a craft store in this little town.

    Oh…true story for you about mummys. I asked Aaron what he wanted to be for Halloween and he said "A Mommy!" I was like, "A Mommy???" And he was like, "Yeah, you know, those scary dead people wrapped in toilet paper?" And I was like…"Oh! You mean a Mummy???" And he was like, "Yeah, that's what I said. A Mommy!"

    The end.

  2. Just love the mantel. All of it looks perfect together. And love how you decorated your family picture. So clever

  3. The boo banner is the perfect addition! I love the set up you have going on! Spookily chic. 😉

  4. OH my goodness! Everything looks perfect! I am loving all the cute details that you added. You have such great style!

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