Chevron summer mantle

Happy Memorial Day!
Today we’re sharing Kelli’s most recent addition to her chevron summer mantel that was recently seen inThe CSI Project‘s chevron challenge. These fun decor pieces are a cheap way to dress up that summer mantel.  All you need is wood and paint:

1. Cut pine wood down to 3 7″x24″ strips.
2. Lightly brush white acrylic on wood strips.
3. Cut out a chevron stencil (freehand if you don’t have a cutter).
4. Cover wood with stencil.
5. Take off transfer tape.
6. Paint each wood strip desired paint color. We adore lime, aqua and coral combined at the moment.
7. Peel off stencil, revealing completed chevron decor.


We love how easy this project was to complete.  In just a couple of hours and you have a nice backdrop for a summer mantel or a table. So bright and cheery to welcome guests into my home.  {It’s fun paired with my summer blocks and command station I created last year.} Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and have a safe celebration bar-b-que this afternoon! 🙂

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  1. Do you think the chevron is a passing fad? I’ve been considering a chevron print rug, but I worry that it may very quickly become “so last year”

    1. Oh Judy this is such a questionable question! lol It is still very IN and hot as far as decor goes. Rumor has it sideways stripes will be taking over the chevron print but it has not picked up as quickly as chevron. I would say go for it since it’s a fairly inexpensive project HOWEVER since it IS time consuming, and you may not want to change it out with the trends, you may want to stick to a steadier, classic print like horizontal stripes. Good luck!

      1. Hi Ginger! I found your link up on naptime crfaetrs and your blocks turned out great-so professional looking (like I would pay money for them :)). I just bought some wood from Home Depot and have been trying to decide what 4th of july craft I want to do with them and this just may be it! Love your blog and am excited to be a new follower!Angela

    1. Ooooh I’m the first to comment! I love rienadg your blog (came over from Emilee of Sweetly Made) and I LOVE these cute block ideas. But one small thing…reading your blog gives me cricut envy 😉 the things you make are SO CUTE! I know what’s on my Christmas list this year!and my email is mandybvoges at gmail.

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